Nature loves you

I headed to a beautiful place on the outskirts of the city. A lake and some gorgeous flora around… believe you me, it was paradise with all the winter feels.

DaisyLife nature blogs

DaisyLife nature blogs


DaisyLife nature inspired blogs

Location (for all above images) :  "Theeya", Kamshet, Pune.


So was I right or was I right? :D

While leaving from there, I wanted to take some of it.. umm.. rather take ALL of it home. But could I? Pictures were not enough.. I wanted to wake up to that view everyday…

I wanted to be able to touch that tree as I walked past it, I wanted to see how the leaves move when I looked up from the screen… have my daily coffee with all of it there at the same time… come back home to the warmth and belonging I felt here amongst all this. The most I could do is carry some beautiful twigs and place them in a pot/planter. I did so.

DaisyLife Wicker Planter with pampas from Theeya- the creation village

Days passed, and I had to eventually throw them away. Didn't feel quite good about it…wanted to hold on to them forever, haha.
I wondered what made me take it along in the first place? Was it that it looked pretty to the eye? Maybe. But the longing to still stay connected to that paradise did not go away so quick…

DaisyLife nature inspired blogs


I love nature and nature vocabulary… it’s an art to express the feelings and emotions connected with nature… many lives have been dedicated to it and it still remains an individual journey for one. 

A few days back, I came across something called as 'Biophilia Hypothesis'. 
Hold on, let me explain - “Biophilia Hypothesis is the belief that humans are genetically predisposed to be attracted to nature. We tend to get a pull towards nature, involuntarily. We need it for our psychological well-being because it's in our DNA.”
There's a whole lot of research on this. But does one need research to realize that "I feel good amongst the trees, the breeze, the seashore and the mountains”? We just know it.

DaisyLife nature blogs

(Picture source :  Unsplash)

DaisyLife nature blogs

(Picture source :  Freepik)

Nature is all accepting… an undeniable bond … a part of us as we are a part of it…. “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust and back to life”. It never asks for name, gender, color, nationality, religion, sins, grades, good deeds, designation, beauty, intelligence… it doesn’t check if you are human or not... nothing at all. Nature does what it needs to do and you do what you do.

DaisyLife nature blogs
(Picture Source : Pinterest)

Nature loves all, with all it has, the way it knows, irrespective of anything or anyone. Is that why we love nature and are predisposed towards it or is it just the fact that we literally cannot survive without it? 

If science can, we will develop technology to live without nature… maybe in another lifetime but for now… I am not denying this love and doing all I can to make it a part of my busy city life… because we can do with a little bit more of love… a little bit more of nature… a little bit more of the trees and twigs… and that’s my resolution for 2021.


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