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5 Ways to add more nature to your homes


We have always wanted to add a little bit of those natural elements into our daily life, haven't we? 

A bit more of nature, the twigs and trees in our daily routine, into the sleek homes and fast lives as we climb the corporate ladder, pursue our ambitions, explore the latest gadgets… where we effortlessly stay in touch with the elements a little bit more like how it always was. #betterhumans

Here are 5 ways to transform your modern homes, and to be more inclusive of the wonders of nature...


1. Natural Planters: Planters made from the magical Willow reeds, that actually get nature home. They are minimally processed keeping the natural elements intact, creating a warm, charming aura in your space.


DaisyLife wicker laundry and planter baskets



DaisyLife natural wicker planter


2. Storage & Organizer: A spacious wicker wardrobe/shelf organizer for everything that makes it look neat, warm and beautiful. Store heavy books or lighter fabrics and so much more...  


DaisyLife wicker wardrobe shelf organizer basket
Picture Credits: @trumatter


3. Restroom : Baskets those are just right for laundry storage, sanitary-ware storage, decor, in bathrooms/restrooms to make you feel refreshed, energized and relaxed while you start or end your day!


DaisyLife wicker bathroom wardrobe shelf organizer basket
DaisyLife wicker organizer basket


4. Table Settings: A table full of natural material baskets offer the warmth of your home to your friends, family and visitors.





5. Wall Basket Decor : Natural baskets as a wall installation add so many attributes to your space. The warm feel of the natural materials, their geometry, their weaving, and so much more...





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