DaisyLife natural bamboo baskets for decor and wall installations

Did you see the Christmas Basket Trees at DaisyLife?

Ho Ho Ho! Santa is in for a surprise this year because it's up on the wall!

So with Christmas around the corner, we at DaisyLife all excited about putting up the tree had a eureka moment! Must say, it was totally inspired by the lovely gallery walls going up at your homes and seeing the baskets looking so gorgeous up there! 

We gathered all our beautiful baskets in different colours, shapes and materials to experiment with the idea of a Xmas basket tree this year! And here we are.. ta da...dum di da... revealing DaisyLife basket trees, yeah we said BASKET TREES!

DaisyLife natural baskets for Christmas wall decor  

Once we started we couldn't stop at one so almost all the walls got a tree... we have a lot of baskets (hahaha) though we also do always feel we need more...oops! 

DaisyLife natural baskets for Christmas wall decor

DaisyLife natural baskets for Christmas wall decor

DaisyLife natural baskets for Christmas wall decor

So we went with simple, minimalistic style with charming trims... the natural shine reflecting off these bamboo baskets on the wall totally blew us. It was sparkling under the sun rays in the day time and shining under the fairy lights at night.

DaisyLife natural baskets for Christmas wall decor

DaisyLife natural baskets for Christmas wall decor

We played with the simple round wicker basket in different wicker shades tree to give a warmer look to one of the rooms... wicker looks lovely against white and adds a natural warm, cosy feel to the most neutral spaces!

DaisyLife natural baskets for Christmas wall decor

Someone said the tree is green and out came our hexa green baskets and we were dancing around this cheerful one adding yellow fairy lights and gorging on plum cakes (Yes we start eating cake already :D)

DaisyLife natural baskets for Christmas wall decor

The grand tree was made with the crown basket... the natural design and colour of this one was enough to create the Christmas spirit so we just stood and admired it at length, clicking photos from every angle.

DaisyLife natural bamboo baskets for serving


Actually the hot chocolate was ready so we were just happy sipping and celebrating the joy of seeing these basket trees looking so amazing... having a tree inside makes us feel like we are outside.. in the forest... you know what I mean? Stand in front of your tree and close your eyes for a bit..  :)

So if you are planning to go rouge with a basket tree, here are a few tips because its a breeze!

1. How to put it up on the wall without nails? 

Use Command hooks or Double sided silicon tape or Faber-Castell Tack-it. These are easy to stick and leave no stains on the walls. Check your surface before you choose your glue.

2. How to put all the lovely trims?

You can tie or stick to the baskets. 

3. How to design?

We suggest using one style of basket.. you'll get an idea from the photos of our trees.

In case you need help or we missed something, feel free to drop a message on our Instagram @daisylife.in or email contact.us@daisylife.in or WhatsApp +91 820-8448708 or drop a comment below - we are at your service :)

Signing off here, lotsa Christmassy things to do ;p

Season's Greetings to y'all! Wish you a beautiful, warm, cosy, happy December! May your homes and hearts be filled with love,

xoxo, Team DaisyLife

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