How to make curtain ties with Bamboo Fish & Kitchen toys?

How to make curtain ties with Bamboo Fish & Kitchen toys?

In the rural north-east regions of India, bamboo is gold. The locals thrive on this with their life and livelihood heavily dependent of this simple grass. Right from eating to building their homes, bamboo is an integral part of their day to day life.

So it's only natural that they use it to let their creativity flow through this versatile fruit of the land.

Some of the villagers, many decades ago were inspired by their love for fish, cooking and bamboo. Thus came these lovely miniatures that instantly draw us to them. 

Absolutely gorgeous, they remind us of the simple rural life and having them around at home feels precious.

Use them as decor, props or for DIY. Here is one where we made curtain ties with it.

How to make curtain ties with bamboo fish?

Step 1: Take 1 meter string jute string/ sutli and cut it into half to make a set of 2 curtain ties

Step 2: Make a circle of jute string/ sutli on the ends of the string. This adds a little weight to the ends.


Step 3: Glue them with fevicol or glue gun on one side of the fish

Step 4: If you want to add more weight to the curtain ties, consider adding beads or using thicker string


If you are using the kitchen set, you can simply tie the string to the loops.

Bamboo Toys


Simply gorgeous curtain ties are ready. 

Completely natural and handmade, these add a beautiful rustic charm and enhance the simplicity and value of nature in daily life. 


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