How to Clean a Bamboo Basket?

How to Clean a Bamboo Basket?

Wouldn't we all love to have loads of those rustic, almost vintage bamboo baskets in our pantry, dining table, nooks & crannies of our homes, as lamps, as storage and what nots!

What’s stopping us then?

More often than not, many bamboo lovers among us are confused about their care and cleaning! Bamboo baskets as such do not require washing every time they are used. Dry brushing, dusting and wiping with a soft kitchen cloth is enough!

But if you can’t take your mind off from giving these a thorough clean, fret not, DaisyLife baskets are totally cool with that. The hygiene obsessed part of your soul can relax with this easy-peasy tutorial on how to clean a DaisyLife bamboo basket.

Eat those homemade chips out of your basket to your fill! Or have a gala with your loved ones and make use of these rustic baskets as your organic serve ware!


Chips inside bamboo basket

When done, get ready to clean these in three simple steps!


Step 1 - Rinse it under COLD WATER.


Washing bamboo basket under tap water

Step 2 - You can use a mild soapy solution to gently clean these with a soft brush. This will clean the hand woven lattice thoroughly. Rinse clean.



Washing bamboo basket under tap water

Step 3 - That’s it guys! Just let these air dry by keeping them upright. Alternatively you can leave these in direct sunlight for 20 minutes or so. Once dried, these are as good as new!


 Drying bamboo basket in sun

Neat…! Isn’t it? So don’t restrain your conscious heart and let there be love, light and as many bamboo products in your house as you want!

For more tips on how to care for your much loved bamboo products, check this link!



We refer to bamboo as 'Captain Planet'. Read why!

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Round bamboo baskets
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