Pet therapy - Combing your pets

Pet therapy - Combing your pets

Pets are adorable and we love them all! They're the little fluff of sunshine in our lives that make everything better instantly. Just as much as they are adorable they require the right care and attention. When it comes to maintaining your pet it sure becomes a hassle just like how sometimes they fret from a good bath, getting their nails trimmed, teeth brushed or having their fur combed.

Grooming is essential for every pet in order to keep them healthy, free from fleas and give you an upper hand on shedding. Who doesn't love a clean and nice smelling pet? Cuddles are sure to be more fun when your pet is neat and clean.

How pets feel when having their fur combed?

We Love our pets and they love being brushed. Most pets enjoy having their fur combed or brushed. A similar sensation of a good rub or massage helps them relax. While sometimes it may seem like they don't want to get their fur combed. A little treat accompanied with sniffing the comb and demonstrating how it works will fix that hassle.

Why is it important to comb your pet's fur? 

It's important to understand your pet feels uncomfortable not having their fur combed. It's like wearing shoes that's smaller than the size you prefer.
Combing your pet's fur is important for many reasons. It avoids multiple health concerns. Some of them being skin related diseases. Combing your pet's fur regularly gives you control over shedding. A good comb gets rid of the shedding fur and untangles knots for pets with a long flowing coat of fur.

Benefits of a wooden comb

It makes all the difference when you choose the right comb for your pet! We recommend using wooden combs. Wooden combs are all-natural and cover all the grooming when it comes to combing your pet's fur. Just like how we feel good using natural material products, so will your pet. Wooden combs remove foreign particles and dirt from the fur. Read more about the benefits of a wooden comb in our blog: "WOOD IS GOOD"

Combing your pet's is also good for you.

Grooming your pet stimulates a deeper bond between you and your pet. Just like how we feel at ease while brushing our finger through their fur and enjoy giving them rubs and scratches behind their ear. Combing your pet's fur will help in destressing and ease your mind just the same.


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