A little Pourer- Brew, Scoop, Pour

A little Pourer- Brew, Scoop, Pour

Cooking is a stress buster, mood lifter, a sense of satisfaction and joy of sorts. Whether you cook for yourself or for your friends and family... the joy is when you give it time.

I read long back in a book I think it was Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak, "While you learn to cook, your soul will simmer". That simmering is life... the process when you give it all... your senses, your focus, your thoughts...your heart.

Cooking equipments are the buddies on this journey, on your each experiment, your cooking adventures and here is one thats an absolute delight.

The wooden "Mini ladle" is smooth, solid and perfectly designed. The aesthetics are not only visually pleasant but also a delight to use in your kitchen.



Oil spoon



Here are three ways to use-

1.Oil/ Ghee Spoon


Oil spoon

       Image: How to Eat Karela? Recipe at Cafe Daisy

Oil Spoon


The design is perfect to keep scoop and pour. The smooth wood is water and oil resistant so it stays in the jar without absorbing the oil and is easy to wash off. 

2.Soups and Stews Stirrer

Cooking for one? This Mini-ladle is your buddy! Stir your Soups and Stews. The wood doesn't heat up, the contact with the pan doesn't make that mildly irritating metal scratchy sound. The feel of wood against a metal vessel is wholesome and reassuring.

3.Brew Ladle

Brew Ladle

            Image: Apple Basil Tea Recipe at Cafe Daisy


We love our little brews. Making a kadha/ herbal tea, a fruit tea, Kawa or a flower tea. Perfect for brews, you'll enjoy making it as much as having the tea.

Go ahead and add this little one to your favourite place. Your kitchen time will get extra special.


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