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How to decompose your bamboo toothbrush in 3 easy steps?

"It's only one toothbrush", said 7 billion people.

This quote has been trending around the world and making people think before they dispose... well at least some of them. So for all of you who are wondering the best ways to dispose your bamboo toothbrush quickly and easily, one of our favourite lifestyle conscious clients, took photos of the process he follows and has shared his tips. 

Before we get to that, meet Agrim.
Agrim with his bamboo toothbrush giving tips on how to decompose them


He is about 5'8, well-built cool guy. Has a full-time job that makes him travel across the city while he pursues his management studies on weekends, is an aspiring vegan and workout enthusiast, can do anything for good beer, has been in a committed relationship for last seven years (yes, to the same girl) and is preparing to get married very soon, screw Covid! He is a traveler and one of the few I know who has been to Tomorrowland
I haven't had the chance to know about his other hobbies since a full-time job and management studies would be enough.. at least it would have kept me stressed and not bothered about anything else.. I don't have the time to eat! 


Anyway so bottom line... he has very little time but this matters to him... if you are the types who likes to get to the bottom of all motives, you can connect with him here to find out why/ how?

Meanwhile it's a simple 3 step process -

  1. Hold the toothbrush and pluck out the bristles with a plucker.

How to decompose bamboo toothbrush


  1. Shove the bamboo handle into the mud and bury it deep down. Any of your plant pot or into the ground in your garden works! We don't have an exact time frame but it's about 3 years before it becomes soil again. Just throwing it in the garden will take double the time and more. In a home composter about 4-6 months and in an industrial composter about a few weeks. (As per recycling experts)

         Well, anyday better than 400 years - taken for plastic ones to decompose! 

How to decompose bamboo toothbrush


How to decompose bamboo toothbrush


How to decompose bamboo toothbrush


  1. Throw the bristles into the dry bin. These are Nylon 4, not as easy to decompose but they apparently can be in a different plant. Plant here means the one where all the heavy stuff goes - recycling plant, if there is one in your locality else it goes to a landfill. Yes, recycling is a mess and hence things which don’t decompose are just filling up this planet and will some day take over. The things that do decompose also take time so use your bamboo toothbrush for at least three months. We also suggest recycling the brush to clean your comb, sink, nooks and corners to increase its life before you throw it away.



It feels good to use a bamboo toothbrush every morning and night. The texture of natural materials ground us.. once you start using bamboo you will not want to put a plastic toothbrush into your mouth again! And now, you will feel good to throw it away right as well!

Happy brushing friends! Keep smiling while you have teeth and doing your bit while we have this planet :D


Using DaisyLife bamboo toothbrush every morning and night


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