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Top 5 DaisyLife products for Summer #NaturallyCool

It's summer! And with all things hot we all definitely need a lil something to blow off the steam and keep it cool. It's the season to kick it at the beach and take a dive or simply relax by the poolside with some sunscreen. Summer involves a burst of outdoor activities which even a pandemic can't stop. Summer is our time to be free and live out your adventures, whatever they may be from trekking or a simple outdoor picnic. We all love to enjoy a good summer vacation doing things most people do during summers from travelling to enjoying a delicious ice cream sundae. 

The summer season always brings in its own trends and fashion that we all just can't keep away from and no matter where we go it does get difficult to stay cool and fresh throughout the day while keeping it vogue.

This summer 2021 we have just what you need when it comes to fashion, indoor and outdoor activities to help you stay trendy and stay vogue. Daisylife's natural material products to naturally adapt with the season and be your best.

The Summer vibe is all about soaking in the warm sunshine and shining bright. This summer stay easy, peasy and breezy. It really is that easy and simple with these top 5 products we have picked for you to help whether you're chillin at home or on the go... 

Top 5 DaisyLife products for Summer 2021 #SummerReady

Here are our top 5 products to help you keep it cool this summer and we're taking it up a notch with the 2021 summer trends while also keeping it "All Natural" because here at DaisyLife that's what we're about! 

1. Bamboo Hand Fan to keep it cool "naturally"

Bamboo Hand Fan
bamboo hand fan
bamboo hand fan

Stay cool as a cucumber with the bamboo hand fan wherever you go. Bamboo by itself keeps cool so a bamboo hand fan is like you are fanning yourself with cool breeze and it feels cool to hold as well! It's compact and easy to carry regardless the size of your handbag. You can always keep one of these handy and they can be very useful whenever you're out be it in a café or while travelling. The hand fan is a fashion statement combined with the ideal summer look making heads turn wherever you go... it feels gucci. The best part is it's all natural bamboo and you're doing your bit on taking one step towards sustainable use of natural resources and helping build a better life on planet earth.

2. Coco Bags made with real coconut shells

coconut shell hand bags
coconut shell hand bags

These coco bags pair like a charm with summer outfits and once you've started to use one its possible that you might end up carrying them along with you everywhere. The bags are made out of REAL, natural coconut shells and feel so smooth and cool every time you touch the bag, even under the hottest sun. They are handcrafted and are available as purses, slings and even handbags. They carry a spark of colors and feel naturally cool for summer vibes. These bags are a trendsetter and we recommend to carry them especially during summer and you'll know what we're talking about!

3. Bamboo salad spoons

bamboo salad spoons
bamboo salad spoons

Here at DaisyLife, we all love eating healthy foods and love to enjoy salads. If you love eating all things healthy then this is the perfect product to help you keep your summer cool. We all have that one spoon in our homes that is our go-to for a certain type of dish. These bamboo spoons are so smooth and cool to the touch even in the kitchen. These spoons are so simple and are made entirely out of bamboo and absolutely no polish or colour. They are the best to toss up a cool and crunchy salad with a fresh burst of flavors. With these spoons around it there's no unpleasant noise of clanging of utensils and helps stay cool in the kitchen.

4. Bamboo Serveware

bamboo serveware bowl
bamboo serveware bowl

Do you love enjoying snacks with your afternoon tea and love serving your guests munchies to nibble away at while keeping them company. These light and smooth bamboo serveware baskets are the perfect long-term partners while serving my guests at home. They're super light and easy to clean. You can always keep a few of these baskets in the kitchen. The simple designs of these baskets help make homes and guests feel light and easy. A plus point to top all of this it helps to save a lot of water and time that would have otherwise been used for cleaning and washing.

5.Picnic Baskets

wicker picnic basket
wicker picnic basket

As the day gets bright and sunny we always get right into the mood for a good day out in the garden, by the pool, or weekend getaways. Every picnic is like a ray of sunshine in our minds each one is memorable in its way. A beautiful picnic basket carries a good amount of sandwiches, fruits, books, and all things fun to go with on a picnic. A picnic is all about the picnic basket and what's in it. The basket makes it so convenient to carry from the house to the car and from the car to the park. It gives every picnic a picturesque and cooling feel during summer. These baskets are strong, sturdy, completely natural, and help you carry your picnic nice and easy.

DaisyLife products are all-natural and eco-friendly, it feels good to know that by using these products you can contribute to society and the planet by building a better environment. These products are our go-to top 5 all-natural products that we recommend for hot summers. So say hello to keeping it cool and goodbye to suffocating, running hot, and sweating it out. Stay cool, fresh, and natural this summer while it all being simple and breezy!

We love hearing from you! What are your must-haves in your bag, your home, your summer style? Tell us in comments below. 

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