People and Planet :  Sustaining sustainability

People and Planet : Sustaining sustainability

From protecting ourselves from nature to now protecting nature. 

Our relationship with others, is a reflection of our relationship with ourself.

It's only when we know to care, value, acknowledge, appreciate and love ourself, do we have the understanding and capacity to do the same for family, friends, space, environment subject to priorities and the scope of the capacity.

The belief is that when people take care of themselves, they will invariably become capable of naturally getting considerate about the world.

If one is kind to self, you know how to be kind to everyone else and why it matters. The difference is in knowing how to be kind to self, how to take care of yourself, knowing what’s good or not for you. The difference is in knowing that the little things matter, in knowing what it is you really need, in knowing what a good life is.

It’s not about joining a movement, starting a crusade or saving the planet. It’s first about you... using a bamboo toothbrush might save 7 billion plastic brush waste, but if you don’t do it because you know it gives a better life experience every day or that putting plastic into your mouth first thing in the morning is subjecting yourself to unpleasant stuff, it’s not a sustainable change.

Save yourself to save the planet.

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