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How did we live in the moment? #SimpleChildhood #SummerFun

by Team DaisyLife

How did we live in the moment? #SimpleChildhood #SummerFun

SUMMER... the word itself puts a smile on the face and fills us up with fun and nostalgia. We love summer despite the hot weather, don't we!

It's good fun under the sun. The palm trees swaying under clear blue skies, a cold brew in the balcony with good reads and an evening stroll down the lane with flip-flops and tank tops! 

The usual chitter-chatter with our team at DaisyLife took us all down the memory lane. We shared similar memories of running under the sun as kids while our mommies would yell and warn that we'd fall sick! So many nostalgic thoughts came rushing down to each one of us, we thought we NEED TO share this and listen too, to our #DaisyFam about their Summer stories....

We can't wait for you to relive the happy simple childhood days. So here's a little list of the simple summer days we've put together for you.

1.Cartoon Network All Day Long!  

Who can forget the legendary Cartoon Network! We loved it, we miss it and fondly remember all the shows on it! Right from Scooby Doo, Power Puff Girls, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Tintin, Tweety, Ed Edd n Eddy... hush, one can go out of breath! 

The younger generations had some cherry on the top with Disney, Pogo, Nickelodean and so many more shows on these too. The list is endless!

One of our all time favourites was definitely Captain planet and the planeteers... we longed for the special ring to help save our Earth and be the real heroes. We would be glued likes ants to sugar and then go out and make our own superhero team to save the world. 


2. Our Bicycles And Us

The wind always did feel different when we were riding our bicycles around. It simply felt so good! Cycling around with friends was always fun. The little races, trying new tricks and chatting endlessly while we'd cycle all day! We took our own sweet time to be lost in nature, dodging plants, splashing through muddy puddles, chasing butterflies, picking up flowers and putting them inside the cycle basket. Ahh, it was soooo much fun! And time surely flies when you're having fun... before we'd even realise the sun have drowned and it'd be time to head home.


3.The Endless Reading Saga

Waking up, having your breakfast and snuggling up in your favourite spot by the tree with a pile of comic books and novels all set to read for the day. The tinkles, DC, marvel and other books we'd at times borrow or buy to read are unforgettable.

A good read under the sun would always spark up our imagination like an Alice in Wonderland, or Christopher Robin in his enchanted Acre woods or Enid Blyton's beautiful landscapes! While re-reading our favourite ones we'd find pressed flowers and leaves that we tried to save for memories hoping they'd last forever. Do you relate? 

4.Here Comes The Ice Cream Truck!

"I scream you scream we all scream for ice creammmmmm!"

All of us probably yelled out this jingle at least once in our childhood days right? Chasing the ice cream truck, not caring about the scorching sun, just to get our favourite ice cream and then enjoying it even as it'd melt down in the sun through our elbows which always spoilt our clothes.

Were you able to enjoy a cone or popsicle without making a mess in your childhood days? 


5.Yummy Mangoes

Summer is synonymous to Mangoes! Nature sure blessed us with a variety when it comes to the things we love. And we'd know for sure that one of the days' dad was gonna come home with a box full of mangoes and we'd sit to pick the sweetest of the lot by catching its sweet scent; enjoying the pulp cut in cubes and not sparing the "gutli". We loved mangoes and wanted everyone in the world to eat mangoes. Guess MangoLand was everything we wanted, haha!


6. Dadi's house

Summer at Dadi's house was like living your best life! Mum could never scold you cause Dadi's there to protect you haha!

Dadi would spoil us constantly right? She'd cook our favorite meals and buy our favorite sweets. The best part was her special oil massage. Really. No one could oil your hair the way she did. Then we'd tail her everywhere to the garden to water plants and out in the field to pick vegetables, getting to enjoy a fruit in the middle of the field was always the most enjoyable moment. When the time came to leave she'd pass a tiny reward, if you know what we mean *wink wink*.


7.The Playground Fun

Evenings were always spent at the playground. We'd wait our turn just to get a chance to ride the swing and slides. Monkey bars were like the cool kids' zone that we'd trick and swing across and at times sit on the top to feel super cool.

The fun at the mary-go-round and seesaw was always different. playgrounds were fun and games, till the mosquitoes decide it is their turn to play. We'd go about collecting flowers, smooth rocks and make rings from stalks. Ah, what days!


8.The Exciting Train Trips

Train trips to Nani's house were exhilarating! The wait for tunnels where it'd go completely dark and the sudden appearance of another train passing by and we'd try to count the bogies...

It's still fresh at the back of our minds. Playing games calling dibs on window seats was so so so much fun! Everyone would look out the window when a sight to behold would appear like the mountains, the beautiful fields, rivers and more picturesque landscapes. 

Oh and the Chaiwalas!


What simple, nice things that'd make our whole childhood beautiful!

So #DaisyFam... did we take you on a nostalgic trip? Were you able to relive your simple summer days?

Ever wonder how was it so easy to live in the moment and enjoy the little things back then... Maybe we need to pause, look around, feel our breath, pace ourselves and live in the moment for a bit.

Share with us your #HappySummerDays and the #SimpleSummerChildhood in the comments.


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