Daisylife Diaries

  • 5 Ways to add more nature to your homes

      We have always wanted to add a little bit of those natural elements into our daily life, haven't we?  A bit more of nature, the twigs and trees i...
  • Transforming “Modern Homes”

    Modern homes are a picture of sleek metal, glass, concrete, fibre, machines and everything at a press of a button… a picture of spaces that feel co...
  • Nature loves you

    “Biophilia Hypothesis is the belief that humans are genetically predisposed to be attracted to nature. We tend to get a pull towards nature, involuntarily. We need it for our psychological well-being because it's in our DNA.”
  • Love DIYs? See what we made...

    It is so much fun to see our Instagram family do these amazing DIYs and we are totally floored with the talent, creativity and passion we see! The ...
  • DaisyLife's "Starry Eyes Hot Chocolate" recipe

    Recipe inside ;)
  • When dreams come true- going candid with this cool city dweller, biker, writer, doorman...

    You need to put your back into it and unlearn a few reflexes that city life has taught us. It is one thing to visit a florist and come away with a beautiful flower/ plant and a completely different feeling when you sow a few seeds, nurture them, care for them and watch them sprout out of the ground. Growing your own food, caring for animals makes the whole experience exponentially more rewarding. And don’t worry about the darkness and the natural world that surrounds you, embrace it. The bees will help you make a better garden, the spiders will act like pest control, the lizards will keep the mosquitoes in check...
  • Changing the way we serve & share

    Easy to serve, dust and reuse, the baskets are low maintenance, look good and last forever.
  • Did you see the Christmas Basket Trees at DaisyLife?

    Ho Ho Ho! Santa is in for a surprise this year because it's up on the wall!
  • 4 thoughtful gifts to give and receive

    We very thoughtfully put together four gift prizes to choose from, keeping in mind the profile of the people on our page. We wanted to give options because we believe it's fun to receive stuff that one will use! Hence it was important to give suitable options.

    The feedback was encouraging and this is what keeps us motivated to continue on this journey to make the simple, natural material products available, affordable, accessible and useful... everyday.

  • The natural flow of creativity, million dollar ideas and things that can't stay in for long!

    Keeping the little, unnoticed places clutter free, makes space for all the beautiful things in our life.   Our wide range of baskets in diffe...
  • How to take care of bamboo baskets?

    We have them everywhere right from our restroom with a scented candle in it, to a planter basket on our workstation (we look at these to sooth our sight from the jarring lights of our screens), at our coffee corner with tissues in them, and also on our meeting table as flower baskets to offer some visual delight to our visitors...
  • The 'Lucky Bamboo' Plant

    Can we gift the whole essence of Feng-Shui bamboo to ourselves, by innovations around bamboo, by an approach to include it in our routines and everyday modern lifestyle?

    What could possibly be a better omen than our own generations living sustainably! 'Lucky Bamboo' indeed!



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