Upsy Daisy Day- How did you learn to ride a bicycle?

Upsy Daisy Day- How did you learn to ride a bicycle?


“You are one ride away from a good mood.” – Sarah Bentley, British cyclist

Riding a bicycle is always great fun. It's a wonderful pass time and even relaxes our mind. As kids dashing around on our cycles riding in circles with friends is one of our most fond memories. To feel the breeze blow through your hair and inhaling the fresh air as we ride did always feel good.

Cycling was new, I learned cycling pretty late. The first time I got onto one and rode around enjoying the breeze came only when I was about to begin my 8th grade academics in school. As crazy as it sounds we always had a bicycle just that I didn't know how to ride one. I would often hear my friends share their ideas and enjoy the special feeling they would enjoy when riding around the society in the evenings, they always said the wind felt different.

Starting to learn wasn't easy and I did not start with training wheels. My dad was pretty much my coach for everything from throw-ball to tennis and now cycling. My Dad always did tell me that if you fall and get hurt its part of life but what's important is that you need to always get back up on your feet and keep moving forward.

Well, it's impossible to keep a count of each time I'd fall. One day dad let go of the ropes and I only noticed till I nearly came back around to the start of the circle, I didn't stop I rode faster and yes the wind did feel different it felt great. I was happy I didn't stay stuck to the ground and glad for the "upsy daisy" dad was there for. Now cycling is piece of cake! So is drifting! Well some of us are definitely in it to burn rubber.


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