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Human & Nature Interactions

  • What is Nature Deficit Disorder?

    Humans are instinctively drawn to living things, to nature, to life. Over time, human and nature interactions have reduced and while there was no solid scientific data, people understood the desire to spend more time in the woods.
  • 10 things you can forage from your everyday surroundings

    Foraging is one of our people-nature quirks. For decades we've been foraging to gather various materials from nature for different purposes. Just like how we went about gathering flowers from parks and shells from the beach when we kids, foraging has long been a part of us. Here's a list of 10 things we love to forage.
  • World Environment Day - Relationship with nature & 5 things you can do for Ecosystem Restoration

    Research shows that people with a greater connection to nature are more likely to behave positively towards the environment, wildlife and habitats. Developing an enduring relationship between people and nature, connecting people, may be critical for future nature conservation.
  • Forest Bathing Ritual At-Home

    Consciously surrounding yourself with materials, textures, fragrances and sounds from nature, naturally creates a fresh and connected environment. Simple daily routines can be easily enhanced to stay connected with natural elements through the day. 

  • Biological Diversity - We're part of the solution.

    This Biodiversity Day, we're part of the solution #ForNature. There's a lot we can do to help protect ecosystems and life on the planet. A little effort can take us a long way. Here are a few ways you can play your part in building a sustainable and better ecosystem for all on the planet.
  • 4 easy ways to connect to nature indoors

    It's mental health awareness week and the theme for this year is Nature.  We're inviting you to #ConnectWithNature this week to help improve your ...
  • "Do you suppose she is a Wildflower?"

    "Daisy: What kind of a garden do you come from?
    Alice: Oh, I don't come from any garden.
    Daisy: Do you suppose she's a wildflower?"
  • How did we live in the moment? #SimpleChildhood #SummerFun

    How was it so easy to live in the moment and enjoy the little things back then? Maybe we need to pause, look around, feel our breath, pace ourselves and live in the moment for a bit...
  • In the lap of Nature

    A piece of art starts with a single dot. That very dot is the sole beginning of that creation, of a masterpiece. Much like a mother, synonymous with stupendous beginnings.
  • #RestoreOurEarth - Can we make a difference?

    Each day we are wholeheartedly exploring how to express the benefits of these materials, making space for these products to be functional in modern lives, easy to adopt in daily routines and thus increase interaction with nature invariably...

    Because one cares more about what serves and exists in its immediate sphere... Do you think this will make us care more about nature? 

  • This is LOVE.

    Do you relate to something called ‘weekend getaways’? When did this become a thing? The whole ‘ I need a break’ scenario is very recent as far as we have generally observed. Why do we long to back to the woods, seashore, mountains every other time?

  • Transforming “Modern Homes”

    Modern homes are a picture of sleek metal, glass, concrete, fibre, machines and everything at a press of a button… a picture of spaces that feel co...