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Muzu Cat Basket

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Wicker Pet Basket

For all the cat lovers, feel the joy of pampering your furry baby!
Introducing 'Muzu' Cat Basket, a little home for your pet.

It sports an enclosure to curl into, a lounger on top to stretch out on and doubles up as a scratcher as well #catparadise 

Let your cat nap, relax or just enjoy their space. An eco-friendly cat basket, it’s cosy, super-comfortable, long-lasting and can be used on a daily basis.
Made in collaboration with Rukmini Ray Kadam @Trumatter

Product Information

Handwoven with completely natural wicker vines. Willow wicker is a sustainable vine known for strong, sturdy structure and its durability making it perfect as a scratcher and an easy to wash basket home for cats.

Size & Packaging

Diameter - 47cm (18.5”)
Height - 25 cm (14”)
Weight- 2764.8

Material & Care


Wicker Baskets

Dust with a brush regularly to keep clean however if you want to make it look brand new, wicker loves water and sun. It only gets stronger when washed and sun dried so give it a good soak whenever you want to liven it up. See how here.

Shipping & Returns

Shipped within 1-2 days of order. Read more

Sustainability & Nature

By using minimally processed natural materials like Bamboo, Cane, Coconut Shell, Jute, Wood, Willow wicker and the likes, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact. 

A conscious packaging process, we use re-usable cloth bag/ wrapped in paper, recycled filler, jute tag, recycled kraft paper label and ship in biodegradable, recycled cardboard box. 

We aim to research, test and adopt best practices to ensure minimal carbon footprint for the business and the products.

Read more about Conscious Living @DaisyLife