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Nature at Home: A space to grow

  • A Cat Basket- Why cats love wicker baskets?

    Looking for a basket for your cat? Cats and wicker baskets seem to have an unusual beautiful bond. Here are some reasons why cats love wicker baskets.

  • DIY Fish Fairy Lights

    For all of you who love all types of creatures, adore animals and the first to spot anything animal prints or shapes, here's a DIY for beautiful string of fish fairy lights you will love to hang around.
  • A Potpourri Basket to get the outdoor inside

    Do you collect little flowers, leaves, twigs, pebbles, shells from your trips or strolls outdoors? Like maybe the pine cones you found when taking a walk on that holiday in Canada? 
  • Global Trend: Repurpose

    The joy of buying new things is undeniable, the satisfaction of having used things to their full potential is exuberating. In the journey for sustainable living, there are simple ways to extend the life of little things without much ado.

  • What are fidgets and how do they help?

    Notice your hand reaching out to random objects in the middle of a conversation or tapping on the desk when listening to your collegues or while attending an online session? Yes most of us fidget.
  • Natural decor - Wooden flexi animals to get the outdoor inside

    Choose your friend or for your friend, the friendly Bob, Boo by the side, edgy with Sharky, fun with Drake, energetic with Skippy, steady with Torty, cool with the Jaws or wise with Dino or maybe party with all!
  • How to make curtain ties with Bamboo Fish & Kitchen toys?

    Crafted by villagers, many decades ago who were inspired by their love for fish, cooking and bamboo, these lovely miniatures instantly draw us to them. Make gorgeous curtain ties with then and add a rustic charm that enhances the simplicity and value of nature in daily life. 
  • Global Trends: Laid Back Living

    A Home designed in a laid-back style sparks those never-ending conversations we enjoy. A cosy spot filled with warm elements accompanied by natural tones is more relaxing to the mind and naturally creates a free feeling.
  • 6 Ways to Use a Picnic Basket

    6 different ways to use the classic wicker picnic basket. A picnic basket is used to store all the stuff you'd need while preparing for your perfect getaway. This basket has more than one use... It's a multifunctional household item that can be used by anyone!
  • Top 5 DIY ideas- You made this!

    A list of Top 5 DIY's with DaisyLife products made by these five talented and creative women. Each of them looks so beautiful and can be tried if you are up to some DIY fun!
  • Top looks for Summer Gallery Walls with Baskets

    "Behind every attractive room, there should be a very good reason" - Sister Parish
  • How to put up Gallery Wall Baskets?

    These days, isn't Pinterest quite the new google? Especially for people like all of us, who loooveee to see and admire.. keep admiring.. losing tra...