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Dark Wooden Combs (Wide & Fine Tooth), Set of 2

Dark Wooden Combs (Wide & Fine Tooth), Set of 2

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Dark solid wood combs ... good hair starts here!

A set of two styles -wide tooth and fine tooth in strong dark wood for medium to thick hair types. 

Solid wooden combs made from the beech tree.

Well buffed and smoothed comb teeth which is gentle on the scalp, good for massaging the roots without being static and making hair care simpler for everyday.  

Enjoy the texture of real wood and enhance your hair care routine with these natural wood combs!

Product Details:

  • Includes - Set of 2 styles - wide 
  • Size - 
    • Length: 17 cm (6.5")
    • Breadth: 5 cm (2")
  • Utility - Superfine yet strong and smooth comb teeth for finer, wet and dry hair. Strong medium teeth comb for thin to medium, wet and dry hair.
  • Material -
    • Product body: Completely made out of beech wood. 
    • Chemicals/ polish: No harsh chemicals.
  • Care - Wash & air dry. Store in dry area.
  • Packaging - Packaged in a re-usable cloth bag, jute tag, kraft paper label and shipped in biodegradable cardboard box.
  • Shipping & Returns - Shipped within 1-2 days of order. 10-day return policy.
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  • Read FAQs to know more.

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Sustainability & Environment: By using natural wood we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact. 


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