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Laundry Tub Basket

Laundry Tub Basket

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LOVE Laundry, said no one. But Laundry Baskets are bae

Strong, functional and completely NATURAL including the handles.

Handcrafted willow wicker basket in a strong, lightweight and functional design for easy carry, to store and to organise aesthetically.

Enjoy the natural material texture, tone and make laundry look cool. These baskets are easy to use, maintain, look good and add a natural vibe to the space. Willow wicker is strong and lasts almost forever!

Product Details:

  • Includes - 1 basket
  • Size-
    • Length : 56.5 cm (22.2")
    • Breadth : 43 cm (16.9") 
    • Height : 26 cm (10.2") 
    • Weight: 850 g
    • Utility - Laundry basket, storage, organise toys and wardrobes
    • Material - Handwoven completely out of natural Indian willow wicker.
    • Care - Wipe with clean dry cloth. Store in a cool, dry space. Can also soak in water to wash and dry in sun.
    • Packaging - Packaged in a re-usable cloth/ paper, jute tag string, kraft paper label and shipped in biodegradable cardboard box. 


    Sustainability & Environment: By using natural willow wicker and bamboo we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact.

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