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Cafe Daisy- Taste the flavours of Nature

  • 7 reasons why you should use natural materials for Festive Dining!

    It’s 2021 and Table staging is for real a vocation for so many eco-conscious yet romantic at heart souls! We at DaisyLife headquarters for one are determined to celebrate these Green Hearters by letting our dining table go au-naturale in style with Bamboo baskets and platters lined with edible leafy greens! It's a visual romance like no other!

  • Infused Water

    A favourite is Pineapple & Pomegranate infusion. No added sugar, no unidentifiable mixers, no complicated recipes, absolutely delicious and the right kind refreshing.

  • How to eat Karela? Try a fry?

    An acquired taste, this is a popular vegetable in Asia which seems to be disappearing from the table in modern families. Packed with nutrients and known for all its health benefits, this is a vegetable you don't really want to see extinct.

  • "Magic Brew" Apple Basil Tea

    A recipe of Apple Tea with herbs and spices. Absolutely delightful and perfect for the sugar intolerant, lactose intolerant, and caffeine free brew seekers! 
  • Home-Café Style Summer Salad by Chef Bikki @ "Yeti and the Monk"

    His cheerful, innocent smile, sparkling eyes, the calm composure, a joyful pride in his soft voice for the food he makes and the craft he enjoys is instantly charming and you want him to cook and smile for you!

    Till you visit the place, he sweetly agreed to do a #SummerSalad recipe for the #DaisyLifeFam to enjoy a Home-Cafe experience! 

  • SUMMER MELON BOLT: A Summer Salad Recipe with Watermelon, Cucumber and Feta Cheese

      The weather is getting hotter and all we are craving for is something cool and refreshing to satisfy our palate during the summer season. We lik...
  • DaisyLife's "Starry Eyes Hot Chocolate" recipe

    Recipe inside ;)