The excitement of an outing in the woods, that fun peaceful weekend by the shore, and that happy day out with rows of fresh flowers...These things always have us thinking.

Thinking about how we can bring this sense of peace, calm, and energy that we feel in nature, into our daily lives? Should we really move to the countryside, is that even an option? Should we have more frequent getaways into the wild? How do we stay connected to nature every day? Will the use of natural materials in our homes, and in our daily lifestyle, connect us with nature?
Nature feels like home...What if we could feel like that at home?

Seeing, touching, and feeling something that is natural is so joyful. A simple touch of wood, wicker, or bamboo subconsciously connects us to nature...It feels right. Products made with natural materials are energy carriers. Having them around us and in our homes, connects us to the natural energy through that little real element, every day.
DaisyLife products are made from plant-based materials like bamboo, cane, coconut shells, jute, wood, and wicker. It is all about naturally connecting oneself to nature as a part of our daily lifestyle and getting that sense of well-being every day.

We revolve and evolve around our products being SIMPLE | FUNCTIONAL | BEAUTIFULLY IMPERFECT.

We wish to foster a natural way of living by curating products that give warmth, grounding energies, and a peaceful vibe. Here's to nature accompanying our modern living and city life.

"Nature is not a place to visit, nature is home" - Gary Snyder