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Valentine's Day Special- Strawberry Chocolate Recipe

by Deepa Bhowmick

Valentine's Day Special- Strawberry Chocolate Recipe

Valentine’s day is around the corner and while there doesn’t need to be a reason to express love,  but when there is one, why would you miss it, right? A little time out to take a pause and enjoy your relationship is always a good idea and we like to keep it light, easy and effortless, always all things natural at DaisyLife.

Different routes to the heart but the expressway is via those taste buds and there’s nothing better than the season’s best that’s perfect for the occasion and kindles love just right. Yes we are saying it with strawberries. To taste an amazing life, pick a simple strawberry and bite into it...

A Valentine’s Day special, our Strawberry Chocolate is a quick minimal recipe in DaisyLife style to keep it flirty, light and luxurious with intensely refreshing flavours and silky chocolate texture. We added oranges as well to mix it up a bit and these combinations are absolute heaven. 

It’s an easy one that you’ll enjoy to whip up and definitely make him feel loved or pamper yourself because always #SelfLove first!



1. Fresh whole juicy strawberries

Strawberry Round Bamboo Basket

2. Fresh peeled Orange

OrangesBamboo Ring Basket

3. Dark Chocolate bar about 100 gms – (We have used Morde Dark Compound)

Morde dark chococlate

4. Bamboo skewer sticks


Time: 25 mins

15 mins to prep, 10 mins to set


Wash and pat dry strawberries. Peel and remove the white fibre from the oranges. Place it in bamboo ring basket. Remove the seeds gently and pat dry with kitchen towel or tissue.

Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt in the microwave or on a double boiler. Keep mixing the chocolate lightly in between to make sure it doesn’t get too hot and has a smooth silky texture.

Stick a skewer into each strawberry and dip half into the melted chocolate. Remove immediately and keep standing in a glass. Similarly stick it along the length of the oranges and dip halfway into the chocolate. Once all are done, put it in the fridge for 10 mins to set and they are ready to serve.

Chocolate strawberryBamboo Ring Basket, Round Bamboo Basket, Bamboo Tray 

Serving Tip: Best enjoyed with the favourite bubbly to enhance the taste buds.

Pro Tip: Do not recommend adding sugar, toppings or other ingredients to experience the pure strawberry and chocolate flavours.

No matter which love language sets your ship sailing, this one gets all the checks. Go ahead and surprise him or delight her with your smooth skills in the kitchen – this is the secret recipe from that playbook.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 
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