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Conscious Living @DaisyLife

  • Natural Materials for Gift packaging - Baskets, Boxes & Envelopes because gifts mean more

    A gift is a delight if the receiver feels the genuine warmth and sentiments. Natural materials carry that innate warmth and a special vibe. Wrapping gifts for your loved ones with these, makes giving and receiving a gift a beautifully special experience.
  • A letter in COVID-19 times

  • How to #SlayMonday in 5?

    We love Mondays... coming back to work on our dreams, our passions, things that inspire. The opportunity and privilege to be able to follow one's heart, to pursue goals, to get to live! We've put together a list of all the things that help us #SlayMondays DaisyLife style!

  • DaisyLife for you- "Packed with Love and Conscience"

    We are a clan of people who always do what feels right for the love of our planet, for the love of our #DaisyFam, and for the love of our chosen path that is so dear to us! Here's an inside view of the DaisyLife packaging process done with a whole lot of conscience.