A letter in COVID-19 times

A letter in COVID-19 times

DaisyLife letter in COVID times


Hi all,

Hope you and your family are keeping safe.

It’s difficult to keep going on and staying afloat with the covid situation. Losing friends, family, watching the state of the country, hearing stories of despair... a heaviness looms…

Every time the phone rings the first reaction is panic... in fact one Instagram post delayed one evening, lead to panic and the thought was if my teammate is ok…

2020 now seems like a prep for what was coming in 2021…We have now not just read in school books but actually seen a pandemic…  a brutal awakening to appreciate what we have and live in gratitude and live every moment.

Every morning I wake up and thank the universe for the day, in every call the first check is how is everyone feeling.

It’s difficult to accept the loss, to stay calm, to stay sane not knowing what’s coming your way next moment or how long it’s going to continue.

We are staying safe and adapting to the situation every day and for now all I want to say is, we’ll KEEP SHOWING UP.


Stay safe, stay fit,

Team DaisyLife

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