This season, gift a Moon Basket full of love!

This season, gift a Moon Basket full of love!

Isn’t a basket full of love and joy something we would enjoy sending across our neighbours? Bring back the fruit culture this festive season as you meet & greet your friends with this basket full of health! We have to warn you though, more often than not the receiver falls in love with the moony packaging more than its content! Cheeky? Yes! But very true too!


We bet this is THE quirkiest way to store your knick-knacks around the house. Stuff it with wool and craft your way to delight or make it the sock & kerchief storage and place it by your chest of drawers. It will keep your sorted soul at peace while being an eye candy.


Moon Wicker Basket



Gift fruit & flowers mixed up in this cute gifting basket or maybe keep it on the dining table filled with juicy apples. And grab a snack on the go! Don’t they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Moon Wicker Basket


The young one loves to draw, paint or in general make a mess out of their study table with stationary? Well, keep it all in this cutesy wicker basket and thank us later.


Too many products on the table making it difficult to keep it looking neat? Well the moon basket will surely hold all those tubes and bottles in place as you shine on Girl!

We bet you’ll be in love with this intricately hand woven wicker basket that makes your green heart smile and keeps your inner interior decorator happy with its dreamy aesthetics. Its multi-utility nature will make it your favourite home accent, we promise!


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