Natural Materials for Gift packaging - Baskets, Boxes & Envelopes because gifts mean more

Natural Materials for Gift packaging - Baskets, Boxes & Envelopes because gifts mean more


Have you ever looked at a twig or at a blade of grass in its entirety? You will see that an enormous amount of effort has been put into designing it, moulding it and giving it the geometry that it has. If you look around, you will see that nature is mapped with beauty in geometry. Just by the mere presence or intimacy of such beautiful yet simple designs, it changes the way our five senses react and function. 

It always feels good to surround ourselves with these wonders of nature. Right from our every days to special moments and experiences like giving a gift.

A gift is a delight if the receiver feels the genuine warmth and sentiments. Natural materials carry that innate warmth and a special vibe. Wrapping gifts for your loved ones with these, makes giving and receiving a gift a beautifully special experience.

That's the experience we want to create with DaisyLife Gift Baskets, Bamboo Boxes and Bamboo Envelopes. They have a certain sense of geometry, are absolutely natural, can be beautifully re-used and make gorgeous gift packaging accessories.

At a recent wedding of a colleague, when we decided to gift cash to the couple it felt mundane and lacking warmth. In a paper envelope it felt devoid of emotions and blessings we wanted to convey till we put the money in a bamboo envelope with the pink cover (wedding theme colour). 

We added a little note with our wishes and a twig of fresh rosemary to bless the couple along with the money and it felt so good to handover this special package. It added meaning to giving cash and felt right.

Gift wrapping is a special thing to do. For most of us, giving gifts is very pleasing, as giving a gift decorated with love brings much more joy to friends and family as receivers. It's a beautiful way to express sincere feelings, care and attention.

Natural Material gift packaging brings just that with a beautiful rustic appearance, a bit of vintage flair, gorgeous primitive aesthetics and a minimalist look. Fans of  minimalism know that #LessIsMore.

Here are some quick ideas to get started with:

1. Bamboo Envelopes: You can choose to gift souvenir coins, cash, letters, cards or a mix of these inside the bamboo envelopes. Unlike the paper ones; these are fuller, can accommodate more and are strong and sturdy with their weaves. Not to forget how pretty they look!

2. Gift Baskets: Baskets are great right from gifting a kitten, a fruit basket, gift chocolates, dry fruit baskets to a mighty bottle of champagne. They look beautiful all by themselves. Put in your assorted gifts and present it just like that!

3. Bamboo Boxes: These are great to go with holding some Chocolates, Jewelry or souvenir of a Deity. The lid is flexible, the boxes are light, they have beautiful prints and lightweight yet sturdy. 




Most gifts are lined with plastic, which means they cannot be recycled and have to be sent to landfill. 

Doesn’t it make your eye twitch to see the plastic ribbons and loads of wrapping paper going into the trash next day of a wedding or other occasions?

Wrap a gift with beautiful sustainable packaging that can be recycled, repurposed, is made with natural and compost-able materials.

It is not only securing the gift but also sharing a part of your beliefs, it is about passing on a sense of doing good and living well. 

Go ahead... Gift your special person with all the love and warmth, with natural material because gifts mean more!




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