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Coco Rings Crossbody Bag

Coco Rings Crossbody Bag

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Multicolor rings and floral motifs in gorgeous coconut shells - make a statement with natural fashion!

Natural coconut shells beautifully handcrafted into different shapes and sizes... floral motifs, ditsy buttons, discs and cubes. Hand stitched on recycled PU mesh with Korean silk seams and strap. 

A spacious sling bag with long and strong Korean silk sling straps, embedded with wooden beads for secure grip. Strong, heavy zip-chain and premium quality coconut shells with a smooth, glowing finish. 

Natural fashion is fun with coconut bags. A beautiful accessory to add to your outfit and make a statement for daily use, outings or parties! A unique and useful gift for friends and family!

Product Details:

  • Includes - 1 bag
    • Colours - Available in multicolour
    • Utility - Easily fits in essentials like cards, cosmetics, mobile phones, keys. Can be carried to work, brunch, or outings.
    • Material -
      • Outer surface: Coconut Shells on recycled PU surface
      • Inner lining: Premium quality polyester
      • Strap and seam: Korean silk thread
      • Zipper: Heavy duty metal zip and chain
    • Care - Wipe with clean dry cloth. Store in a cool, dry space
    • Packaging - Packaged in a re-usable cloth bag, jute tag, kraft paper label and shipped in biodegradable cardboard box.


    Sustainability & Environment: By using natural coconut shells and recycled PU mesh we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact.

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