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Trio Wall Baskets

Trio Wall Baskets

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Wall basket set for working spaces 

Wall décor put together with natural warm wicker baskets to accompany your endless reading binge. 

Wall baskets set for setting the tone to reading corners or any hobby you inspire, so that you can always pick up where you left off in the midst of your read or get into the zone as soon as you enter this corner.

Hand woven natural wicker baskets, this set contains three different sizes of the crown wicker basket, with the natural shade of wicker.

The wall décor includes two strong and sturdy crown weave baskets to give the design depth, a prominent pattern to the décor and build your DIY shelf by easily tying ropes to these weaves. The round deep basket is a strong close weave to give easy access and space to store/ display. They are functional in a way to showcase your crafts and leave in a book for whenever it's time to stop.

The wall arrangement is simple adding a wooden aesthetic to the wall.


  • Includes : 3 baskets as shown in the photographs 
    • "King of Wicker" Crown basket (Medium: 14"diameter x 4"height)- 1pc 
    • Round wicker basket (Medium: 11"diameter x 4"height) - 1pc
    • "King of Wicker" Crown basket (Smaller: 9"diameter x 3.5"height) - 1pc
  • Size of installation in photo - 24.5" x 18.5" (l x b)
  • Material: 100% natural willow wicker, no color.
  • Care: Washable, heat & water resistant. Water wash and dry in sun or brush them to clean.

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