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Wooden Teaspoon (Set of 6)

Wooden Teaspoon (Set of 6)

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Set of beautiful small light wood spoons for kitchens and tables!

A set of handy spoons made from the lightweight and strong wood, for everyday use as well as serving guests, to carry to outdoor picnics and more. Well designed and crafted to add on to modern, rustic and/or elegant decor spaces!

These are handmade from light wood that's minimally treated, buffed and smoothed to make well finished yet bare and beautiful real wooden spoons which are safe to use for mixing, serving, eating food.

Wood is a natural raw material source, is non-reactive with food and also heat resistant. The best option to switch from metal, plastic or fibre cooking tools!

Our range of rustic, modern and beautiful bamboo & wooden kitchenware keeps you and your kitchen as close as possible to nature, everyday!

Product Details:

  • Includes - Set of 6 spoons
  • Size (each spoon)- 
    • Breadth - 3.5 (1.4")
    • Height- 15 cm (5.8")
  • Utility - For serving/ mixing condiments. Great to keep alongside desserts and traditional sweets.
  • Material -
    • Product body: Completely made out of wood.
    • Chemicals/ polish: No harsh chemicals. Safe to use for food preparations and serving.
  • Care - Rinse with light soap, wash thoroughly and air dry. If damp, dry in sunlight. Store in dry area. Do not wash in dishwasher.
  • Packaging - Packaged in a re-usable cloth bag, jute tag, kraft paper label and shipped in biodegradable cardboard box.
  • Shipping & Returns - Shipped within 1-2 days of order. 10-day return policy.
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Find our complete range of bamboo spoons & servers and natural material kitchenware.

Sustainability & Environment: By using natural wood we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact.

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