4 thoughtful gifts to give and receive

4 thoughtful gifts to give and receive

This Thanksgiving we did our first giveaway and boy it was fun! The fact that we interact more on the digital world than in the real world came true... or is the digital world the real world now? huh?

Don't remember the last time I interacted with so many people in such a short duration in a two way conversation... The enthusiasm was amazing and it got us very excited!

We very thoughtfully put together four gift prizes to choose from, keeping in mind the profile of the people on our page. We wanted to give options because we believe it's fun to receive stuff that one will use! Hence it was important to give suitable options.

The feedback was encouraging and this is what keeps us motivated to continue on this journey to make the simple, natural material products available, affordable, accessible and useful... everyday.

Our first four gift kits are now available for you to gift to yourself or your loved ones. We have made gifting easy and thoughtful for you. Each of them is carefully compiled to give the best sets that one will love to receive, use and shows you care.


DaisyLife gift kit

 1. Accessorizing Kit of 5 products - A wicker basket with a bamboo hand fan, bamboo box for keeping jewellery, a hand painted wooden comb and a cork bag.


DaisyLife gift kit 2

2.The Urban Home Garden Kit of 6 products, for the plant-mom and garden lovers- One wicker bouquet basket, three sizes of bamboo planters with detachable handles, a reusable compact carry bag and a handmade coconut shell   mini purse.


DaisyLife gift kit

 3. The Kool Kitchen Kit of 7 products, to add to the joy of cooking - Includes one bamboo caddy basket, one wooden oil spoon, six pcs of wooden reusable teaspoons, a set of three bamboo stir & serve spatulas, wooden dough roller, bright felt coasters and a reusable compact carry bag for veggies.


DaisyLife gift kit

 4. Personal Eco kit of 7 products, for self-care - Includes one wicker caddy basket, a set of two wooden combs for home and to carry, a bamboo hand fan, set of two bamboo toothbrush, one bamboo soap dish, three mini bamboo baskets and a pair of  wooden reusable teaspoons.


Quote to ponder "In giving we receive" said a wise man.

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