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#basketfulloflove - 5 Gift Basket Ideas for a Special VDay

by Tanvi Pinjarkar

#basketfulloflove - 5 Gift Basket Ideas for a Special VDay

We LOVE how natural baskets make everything feel that little bit extra special and personal! A little bit of thought and these become delightful gifts to give and receive plus feel good about packaging that you can reuse forever #sustainable 

Here are 5 easy ideas to use baskets for an experience--> ENTER #DaisyLife

1. The Vday Picnic/Outing Basket: Take your loved one for a special outdoor lunch/ dinner/ coffee by the sea, lake, garden, terrace, balcony... or anything with some natural air.
Put in their favorite cake, dessert, drinks, snacks, some cutlery and napkins, and a speaker for some lovely music...
There you go, open the basket for a nice Vday outdoor date to celebrate the season of expressing love and joy for each other!

Picnic Basket for a sweet outdoor Vday date
One of the most joyful thing to see is a pup or kitty with its head titled on one side and eyes peeping at you from a basket, with a little red bow on it...
Imagine that!
Baskets made especially from wicker, keep these cuties warm and cosy. The baskets can later be used to carry the fur kiddos to clinics, parks or a friend's house.

 Picture of Fifi in a DaisyLife basket @fifioscardiary

Basket for pets

Isn't there so much love in this #AllTimeFav drink! :D
A basket full of different kinds of coffee in a warm basket, all set to bring a big wide smile to your coffee lover buddy!
You can also complete it with a nice coffee cup, couple of cookie packs, and roasted nuts besides it all. 
Sweet one right?
(To be honest, we too would love to receive something like that! Anyone listening? :P)

Here are a couple of nice ones best suited for a beautiful Coffee Gift Hamper Basket:

Bamboo Basket with strong handles to hold the weight of the coffee bean pack/ jars/ cookie tins etc

Half Moon Basket with strong rims and solid handle or a wholesome coffee basket 

4. A Soft Toy Gift Basket for your little darlings : 

Vday is changing its definition through recent times. Its slowly shifting from being a couple's occasion to a larger perspective of love and affection one feels for the near and dear ones. 
On that note, here's something for kids too!

Natural baskets and soft toys together make it all so lovable isn't it?
Gift-tie a basket full of soft toys to the little ones you love and see them dance with joy! Natural baskets bring in a gush of delight to anyone receiving it.

(Here's a secret tip for the big people - You can use the beautiful basket to store toys/stationery/other kid's materials and make their play mess look all sorted and pretty. Thank us later :P)

Picnic Basket for gifting and storing soft toys

Picnic Basket for gifting and storing soft toys

A table of favorite food served differently!
Well this one isn't the usual 'tie it with a bow' kinda basket.
Set the table with a range of natural material baskets with everything that's favorite to your dear one/s.  
We'd like to call this more like an experience gift, where the food is 'nom-nom-ed' and the baskets stay back for so many more table-setting days! :D

Serving in natural material is hassle free. No washing and cleaning. Just dust off and re-use! They bring in a whole lot of nature's love and warmth to your table. That's what it all is about right? That love and warmth you feel for your close ones...

A range of Serveware Baskets for beautiful table settings

Well, these are very few of them. We are excited to explore so much more with  you! We'd love to listen to you... 
How would you use a basket to make it special for your people?

Comment in the section below, or DM your suggestions/pictures on our @daisylife.in Instagram handle.

Brb, penning down another idea that just popped in the head! :D




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