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How Natural Materials can be in our daily life effortlessly?

by DaisyLife

How Natural Materials can be in our daily life effortlessly?

 "Hey Google.... What does it mean to be effortless?"

Google gave some quick answers, quite effortlessly (thanks team Google for making it so) 

Few of the search results were:

"Achieved with admirable ease", "requiring or involving no effort", "displaying no signs of effort", "very easy", "something that comes to you naturally" so on and so forth...

All of it meant one word - EASY/ SIMPLE.

With so much going around everyday in our daily lives, the pace we live in.... we believe there's a good need to make things simpler/ more effortless.  

Is it difficult to think about being earth-friendly, all the time?

There's a whole lot of the environmentalist clan around us, all the awareness, all the 'save the planet' movements... It's crucial with climate change creating havoc and Greta going to no end to drive the seriousness of the issue home! 

Thanks to the activists, there is a whole lot more awareness and understanding of the need to be earth-friendly.

We wonder… while people are aware about being eco-friendly, everyone doesn’t necessarily act on it. Is it because it feels like a big change? Is it inconvenient economically, by utility and by availability? Is it overwhelming?

 Picture Source : Unsplash

Got no time for being an activist! Is there a simpler way?

We understand everyone is deeply involved in their routines and it's not easy to be an active part of the eco drive. So is there a simpler way for nature to be a part of our everydays, effortlessly? To use natural material products without a second thought? 

"I understand the need for 'earth-friendly' stuff but it's not possible as often, you know... I got bigger problems to solve in my life at present"

In an ideal world, we imagine all of us to take really tiny steps and incorporate a natural lifestyle wherever possible and to whatever extent in their daily lifestyle, without it being a burden or a compromise.

We imagine everyone making natural materials a regular normal way of consumption instead of being overwhelmed.

Everyone is buying, using and disposing off products that come from nature, and hence go back to nature!

Natural Materials are for you - Natural materials feel good, they create a sense of overall well-being that's irreplaceable... 

Everyday products made from natural elements like wicker, bamboo, jute, wood, cork, coconut shells etc, constantly lend a warm, grounding, calming energy through touching these materials as well as by sight. 

Do Natural Materials fit into the modern day?

We are city dwellers and we like the city-life. The metros, the gyms, our workspaces, our restaurants, everything!

It's just, something's missing. If we like all of this, why do we time and again long for the woods? It's probably because we miss out on nature. All we largely consume is concrete, machines, plastic and other not-so-natural materials by sight and touch.

So how do we make these a part of our daily city life? #Replace

We say, a simple replacement from a plastic comb to a wooden comb is not only beneficial to the planet, it also does more than good to us (Stay tuned for our blog next week on why should one use WOODEN COMBS, and how they can easily fit into our city lifestyle).


Wooden combs

Wooden/ bamboo kitchenware serves the same purpose as cooking tools made out of other materials. They are heat resistant, water resistant, and add their own warmth to the recipes. Lightweight and super easy to clean and maintain.

Bamboo spatula 

Personal Care products made from natural materials make sure you closely consume natural textures which lend their grounding energies and warmth everyday.

Bamboo toothbrush

Coconut shell bagsBamboo bags and Cork bags look absolutely gorgeous and make a statement!

Coconut shell bag

Last but not the least - BAMBOO & WICKER BASKETS! Everything from storage, to decor, organizing, serving... just trust these baskets. They are #easypeasy to clean, lightweight, solid, and are made from 100% natural elements. 


These natural material products can easily be a part of our everyday routines. They are aesthetic, functional, easy-peasy. They are the other half of our daily lives that balance us by their grounding energies and calming presence.

Feel good by taking care of ourselves and a little bit of the planet.

"When something is right, it will feel easier and much more effortless"
We totally agree with Sherry Argov here!


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