5 Bamboo products to naturally decorate your kid’s room with!

5 Bamboo products to naturally decorate your kid’s room with!


Natural Rural Bamboo Toys


Kids are the closest to nature humans can be. With nature's instinct to be raw, vulnerable, and honest, their spaces should be as open as we believe.

And what could be better than a dash of natural materials around their room?

It is the best way to keep them in constant interaction with mother earth and help essentially in a holistic lifestyle beginning from childhood.To cure you of all your sustainable lifestyle woes, we have curated a list of handmade bamboo products that will keep your child in nature’s touch.


     1. Bamboo wall flower vase by the study table

Perfect to store pens and pencils for a quick reach and always in place. These cute planters would be the cutest stationery holders for your kiddo. 


Bamboo wall flower vase



   2.  Bamboo Bali baskets to organise by their bedside or in wardrobes 

A cute way to keep their bedside knick-knacks or organise their handkerchiefs/socks in their wardrobes. These will keep the quirk+utility factor in your child’s room sorted!


Bali baskets



     3. Little bamboo baskets as a morning reminder for health & hygiene

Trust us when we say your little one will love putting their toothbrushes in place once you placed them in these cute baskets. May we suggest you add a small bottle with a money plant in it. What better way to make these two-in-one bathroom accessories for your kid’s room.

Little bamboo bucket baskets


    4. Wicker laundry baskets to keep those flying clothes in place

Don’t we all love the sight of a clean kid’s room? Well, we agree, and hence these laundry baskets that also double up as toy’s storage. We suggest you take two and let your kid feel responsible and make it their task to keep their dirty clothes and toys in place!


Wicker laundry baskets


    5.   Make healthy snacking a constant with fruits in Colourful Bamboo baskets   

Keep these quirky and insanely charming baskets in their room filled with fruits and homemade cookies to keep your little ones munching on healthy snacks. A fun way to keep adding a little spunk to your kid’s room decor!


Hexa bamboo baskets


There are numerous ways to incorporate natural materials as kid’s room decor. These are just a few suggestions that will keep your little one high on nature’s energy while accentuating their room in a modern festive way!



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