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Aquila Wall Basket, 8 pc set

Aquila Wall Basket, 8 pc set

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Summer Walls with Wicker baskets!

Wall décor from beautiful, natural handmade wicker baskets for summer. 

Add a hint of the night sky to your walls with the constellation inspired wall baskets set for wall décor.

Wall installation made with handmade wicker baskets, this set is a combination of six different sizes, one material and the different wicker shades for a natural and earthy home.

The set includes crown weaves of six wicker baskets and two simple round wicker baskets combined together to create a constellation that serves as a center piece on your wall. The baskets give a refreshing and a soothing impression upon the walls of your living space.


  • Includes : 8 baskets as shown in the photographs 
    • "King of wicker" Crown basket (bigger: 19"diameter x 4"height) - 1pc
    • "King of wicker" Crown basket (Medium: 14"diameter x 4"height) - 1pc
    • "King of wicker" Crown basket (Smaller: 9"diameter x 3.5"height) - 3pcs
    • "King of wicker" Crown basket (Small: 12"diameter x 3"height) - 1pc
    • "Simple Round" Wicker Basket (Big: 12"diameter x 3"height) - 1pc
    • Round wicker basket (Small: 11"diameter x 4"height) - 1pc
  • Size of installation in photo - 55" x 69" (l x b)
  • Material: 100% natural willow wicker, no colour
  • Care: Washable, heat & water resistant. Water wash and dry in sun or brush them to clean.

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