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North Star Wall Baskets

North Star Wall Baskets

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Wicker wall installation for gallery walls!

Gallery wall basket set with natural wicker baskets for tropical summers. 

Liven up your gallery walls with the north star wall installation set and add a tropical vibe to your balcony.

Handwoven natural wicker baskets, this set is a combination of five different sizes and compiled of six pieces. It dons the natural shade of wicker for a warm summer feel.

The décor combines Crown weaved baskets with simple weaved ones for a rustic or a farmhouse feel to the gallery walls. the natural shade of wicker and the different weave style that is seen in this set is perfect and sets a tropical vibe when accompanied by the plants of your gallery.


  • Includes : 6 baskets as shown in the photographs 
    • "King of wicker" Crown basket (Medium: 14"diameter x 4"height) - 1pc
    • "King of wicker" Crown basket (Smaller: 9"diameter x 3.5"height) - 2pcs
    • "King of wicker" Crown basket (Small: 12"diameter x 3"height) - 1pc
    • "Simple Round" Wicker Basket (Big: 12"diameter x 3"height) - 1pc
    • Round wicker basket (Small: 8"diameter x 3" height) - 1pc
  • Size of installation in photo - 41.5" x 26.5" (l x b)
  • Material: 100% natural willow wicker, no color.

  • Care: Washable, heat & water resistant. Water wash and dry in sun or brush them to clean.

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