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The Wall Baskets

The Wall Baskets

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The warm wicker backdrop - A wall basket installation for earthy, natural homes! 

This beautiful backdrop styled by Ankita for DaisyLife plays many moods!

A statement wall decor set to add natural elements to your lovely home and create the warm ambience of willow wicker. A conversation starter, the popular wall decor baskets are flexible to create different layouts for all wall sizes. 


  • Includes : 8 baskets as shown in the photographs 
    • Moon Basket (Size 2)- 1 pc
    • "King of wicker" Crown basket (Medium)- 1 pc (The center basket white ring is painted by Ankita)
    • "King of wicker" Crown basket (Small)- 1 pc
    • "Simple Round" (Big)- 2 pcs (Available in single brown tone variant)
    • Round wicker basket - 3 pcs
  • Material: 100% natural willow wicker, no color
  • Care: Washable, heat & water resistant. Water wash and dry in sun or brush them to clean.
  • Size of the layout: Approximately 6 feet length x 3 feet height

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