Transforming “Modern Homes”

Transforming “Modern Homes”

Modern homes are a picture of sleek metal, glass, concrete, fibre, machines and everything at a press of a button… a picture of spaces that feel cool and confident.

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I love the clean, straight lines, ease of living, convenient, functional and designed for comfort as well as to be efficient… better homes, better living, better humans… then why do we long for the woods?

Is it because, the woods were the first home of humans? Is it because there is an undeniable bond between nature and us? Is it because it makes us feel like we belong? Or is it that it literally gives us life? 

Smart modern homes are everything to be proud of and essential to make our lives easier as we learn to do more and live better. But are we missing out as our direct interaction with nature on a daily basis reduces steadily and drastically? Is this the reason why today we care less about nature unlike our ancestors? Has nature only become ornamental in our smart life?

The bigger question that arises then is, how is all this eventually affecting us? How is it changing us, our behavior, our performance, our ability to operate and reach our potential or purpose?


Nature is one of the 6 key fundamental requirements for human well-being. If there is a deficit, is there a crucial part of our human character missing a key ingredient?

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We miss the woods. Not everyday… but when we are out there… its a feeling of content, hope, a will to live good. Easy to momentarily indulge and move back… re-energised for a short while and continue the game even without…till the machine breaks.

Are we compromising by living like this? Can our homes have the warmth of the woods? Can nature be an active, essential part of our daily life? Can we stay connected to nature everyday as a necessity while our lives and homes transform?

DaisyLife nature blogs

(Picture source: Pinterest)

We want to add a little bit of the woods into our daily life. A bit more of nature, the twigs and trees in our daily routine, into the sleek homes and fast lives as we climb the corporate ladder, pursue our ambitions, explore the latest gadgets… where we effortlessly stay in touch with the elements a little bit more like how it always was. #betterhumans

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