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DaisyLife's "Starry Eyes Hot Chocolate" recipe

by DaisyLife

DaisyLife natural bamboo bowl basket for hot chocolate and serveware

Isn't the stomach always grumbling during winters? They say, the cold weather makes you want to eat more. 

Well it's true, we've noticed the same. Although we're wondering why is it that our stomach grumbles only for hot chocolate? :P

Nevermind. We are trying to be funny with hot chocolate humour to give excuses for having some more of this delicious concoction and drown into the luxuries of life!

Do more of the things you love, they say right? We are hard core believers and jumped into making hot chocolate exactly the way we love it... practice makes one perfect so there were many versions till we hit jackpot and we had to share this love with you all... because shared love is more love 💓 

Ready there?
Alright then.

Here's our 3 min recipe that you’ll lick off your cup, inhale to the bones and your eyes will sparkle like they are stars!


  • Serves: Two cups
  • Ingredients : Dark chocolate compound, milk/ water, orange, cinnamon sticks, marshmallows.

1. Melt 125gms of plain dark cooking chocolate (no, not cocoa powder...tch tch) in the microwave in a glass jug.
2. Add 2 cups of warm water/ milk/ combo as per your taste or lactose tolerance (we prefer water) and heat again in the microwave for 1 minute or so to get the desired temperature.
3. Pour into two cups, add one teaspoon of fresh orange zest in each.
4. Add a cinnamon stick and give it a stir, top with two marshmallows and you are ready to sink into the luxuries of life we pamper ourselves with!




Serve the hot chocolate cups in DaisyLife Serveware -  Mini Bamboo Baskets to feel the warmth of nature as you sip on a winter evening and everything turns magical around you...



That's your cup of a silky smooth hot chocolate with just the right spice and aroma for the winter vibe. Served in the beautiful, warm and natural bamboo baskets.

Okay, got to go… Calling for hot chocolate lovin ♥️ *drooling already*

Try and tell us if it made your eyes go all starry, just ours does after every cup. Leave a comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

We used these gorgeous baskets this season for a lot more things too! Read more... 

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