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Blossoming Together: A Letter to My Future Child

by Lavanya Bannagare

Blossoming Together:  A Letter to My Future Child

Dear Future Child,

I have always found solace and joy in the embrace of nature. From the gentle patter of raindrops to the exhilarating treks through lush forests, my heart has always been drawn to the great outdoors. Growing up in a small town provided me with ample space to explore and grow amidst the vastness of the natural world. I climbed trees, felt the earth beneath my feet, and learned invaluable lessons from the whispering winds and the wise old trees.

During moments of solitude, away from the watchful eyes of my parents, nature became my greatest teacher. It taught me resilience in the face of adversity, patience in times of uncertainty, and the importance of listening to the whispers of my own heart. It was in those moments that I realized the profound wisdom that resides in the quietude of the wilderness.

Now, as I think about you, dear unborn, I envision a world where trust reigns supreme. A world where you can trust in yourself, in others, and in the journey that lies ahead. It's a world where there is no absolute right or wrong, but rather a series of lessons waiting to be learned.

A baby sitting with Grandfather

In this world, you will be nurtured to become the person you want to be. A world where your dreams and aspirations are encouraged, where your individuality is celebrated, and where you are empowered to carve your path in life.

With each passing day, I will strive to become the best version of myself so that when the time comes for us to explore the wonders of nature and the world together, I will be ready to guide you with love, patience, and unwavering trust.

With all my love, Lav :)

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