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Priti's Palash Trail: Gathering Colors for Holi

by Lavanya Bannagare

Palash Flowers

Let's go on a trek, we will collect Palash flowers for Holi," Priti suggested, her eyes sparkling with excitement. Entranced by her proposal, I eagerly agreed, and soon we marked our calendars for our adventure.

Priti and I share an affinity for nature. As we ventured into the wilderness, Priti became a resident botanist, pointing out every plant and its story along the way. Even if she didn't know, she'd whip out her phone to look it up, always making our trek fun and educational.

Priti remembered the last time where we could find Palash trees. The sight of its vibrant orange blossoms swaying gently in the breeze filled us with delight. Unable to resist, we gathered armfuls of these fragrant flowers, envisioning the colorful festivities they would bring.

Back home, we decided to dry the Palash flowers so we could keep them longer. It took some work, but we were excited about what we could do with them.

Palash Flower DaisyLife

Using Palash Flowers for Holi Colors:

Priti told me that Palash flowers were once used to make colors for Holi. Inspired by this, we tried to make our own colors from the dried flowers. It was messy, but we had fun.

Here are some simple steps to make colors from Palash flowers:

  1. Gather the Palash Flowers in Bamboo basket: Start by collecting a sufficient quantity of Palash flowers. Ensure that the flowers are fresh and devoid of any blemishes or damage.
  2. Separate Petals: Gently separate the petals from the flowers into a small bamboo basket, discarding any stems or leaves. This will help in extracting the color pigment concentrated within the petals.
  3. Dry the Petals: Lay out the petals in a single layer on a clean surface and allow them to air dry completely in a square bamboo basket. This process may take a few days, depending on the humidity levels in your environment.
  4. Grind the Dried Petals: Once the petals are thoroughly dried, grind them into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle or a food processor. Aim for a smooth consistency to ensure even color distribution.
  5. Mix with Water: Gradually add water to the powdered petals, stirring continuously until a thick paste is formed. The consistency should be similar to that of traditional Holi colors.
  6. Strain the Mixture: To achieve a smoother texture, strain the paste through a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth, removing any lumps or impurities.
Palash Flower DaisyLife

A Colorful End:

My trek with Priti was more than just a walk; it was an adventure into nature and the traditions of Holi. As we prepared for the festival, we were grateful for the beauty around us and the time we spent together.

Our adventure not only gave us colorful memories but also made us appreciate nature and the joy of celebrating traditions with nature.

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