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Stories of Natural Growth & Transformation- Adarsh

by Deepa Bhowmick

Stories of Natural Growth & Transformation- Adarsh

At Daisylife, our love for all things natural stems from the primacy of living in harmony with oneself and nature, our products serve as a channel to ground and reconnect with this natural world in modern times. It's a holistic embrace of the innate desires, inclinations, and bodily wisdom that guide us towards true wellness. In a world of external influences and societal pressures, it's all too easy to lose touch with our authentic selves, our core needs, and the natural rhythms that once pulsed through our beings. 

Too often, we find ourselves programmed by external motivations, pursuing prescribed paths of discontent while neglecting the inner voice that whispers our deepest truths. We trade self-trust for the illusion of safety in numbers, following the crowd instead of courageously forging our own paths.

But what if we dared to reclaim the strength of our primal nature? What if we dared to progress but without losing the core of our being? What if we had the strength to fail, the resilience to persevere, and the courage to embrace our authentic identities – even when they diverge from societal norms?

Wondering about these solo journeys, we looked amongst each other and within ourselves to find real stories and experiences in everyday life. Stuff that give us hints and guides us towards understanding our motivations, instincts and overcoming resistance to realize this potential.

Here’s the first story in this series about Adarsh. A self-motivated, smart and sharp guy, I was intrigued to see that at 22 years of age, he was very fit and had a sincere disciplined approach to health and fitness. I found myself asking questions like ‘Were you always quite fit?”, “Were you obese and hence motivated to get fit?”, “How often do you workout?”, “What’s your diet?”, “How did you get so fit and maintain it?” 

So here’s a short story of natural growth and transformation that sustains -

Over to him -

Consistency Unleashed: A Story of Discipline, Strength, and Victory

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Adarsh Patanayak, and I wear multiple hats - I'm an educator, a fitness trainer, and I have a deep passion for ancient history. As a teacher, I love sharing knowledge and sparking curiosity in my students. In my role as a fitness trainer, I help people reach their health and wellness objectives. Outside of that, delving into ancient history is my personal passion. I enjoy exploring the past and finding connections that enrich our understanding of the world today and tomorrow.

How did your fitness journey start?

From an early age, I was that lean, skinny kid obsessed with cricket. While I loved the game, a part of me yearned for something more - I wanted to be strong, resilient, and confident in my own skin. Over the years, I tried various avenues to achieve this dream, including karate and taekwondo. Yet, it wasn't until I delved deeper into cricket that I found my way.

Throughout my adolescence, I dedicated myself to cricket, excelling in inter-school and interstate matches. However, my slender frame left me feeling weak and lacking in confidence. Despite this, I refused to give up on my dream of strength and resilience.

What motivated you?

For me, the concept of motivation doesn't hold much weight. However, whenever I reflect on someone I deeply respect and admire, it's invariably Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj who comes to mind. His remarkable courage and resilience resonate with me on a profound level. Shivaji Maharaj's unwavering determination to stand against six formidable foreign rulers simultaneously, safeguarding India and our rich cultural heritage from oppression, serves as a constant source of inspiration.

Why did you start gym?

At the age of 18, I decided to take matters into my own hands and began going to the gym. I listened to my body and worked accordingly. It took me two years to master the basics of weightlifting, resistance training, and calisthenics. Navigating setbacks like injuries and illness along the way. I was wary of supplements and stuck to a natural food diet learning from natural weight lifters and focussed on building real raw strength and having a lean physique rather than a bulky body.


As Mike Tyson famously said,

"Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but doing it like you love it." This mantra guided me through every obstacle, reminding me that true strength lies not just in the body, but in the mind and spirit as well. 

What was the role of nutrition?

As I turned 20, I came to a realization: true strength isn't just about lifting weights, it's about nourishing the body and mind. I explored the role of nutrition in muscle development and overall well-being. I thus focused on the intricate connection between nutrition, muscle conditioning, and holistic health. 

Adarsh's Fitness Learning


How did you leverage the pandemic period for this transformation?

While the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits were tempting, I saw an opportunity for growth. I committed myself to self-improvement every single day for those 2 years. In the solitude of the gym, I pursued my fitness goals relentlessly. Despite the uncertainty and fear surrounding us, I found solace and purpose in the discipline of my fitness routine. It was during this time that I truly thrived, channeling my energy into personal growth and physical strength.

What is the role of motivation in this?

Throughout my journey, I learned that motivation alone couldn't sustain me. Instead, it was discipline and consistency that propelled me forward and helped overcome all challenges.

"Transforming from overweight to fit is a mental challenge, while transitioning from slim to fit presents physical obstacles."


What kept you going?

I absorbed advice from experienced lifters, learning from both their successes and failures. By staying focused and disciplined, I transformed my body and mindset. 

How did others see your transformation?

At 22, I stood among the strongest individuals in my gym and college. The aura of confidence and strength drew admiration and inquiries from those around me. From being a skinny kid with a dream, I had become a beacon of inspiration for others on their fitness journey.

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