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Effortless Living: How to connect with nature in daily life effortlessly?

by Team DaisyLife

Effortless Living: How to connect with nature in daily life effortlessly?

Progress is about making life easier, convenient, efficient and better. Everyday is a quest for better quality of living. Chasing ones dreams, ambitions and becoming better is at the crux of a well lived life. 

An Environment That Supports Your Growth

To keep growing and living life to the fullest where you have done the best to be everything you can be is what keeps one going.  And to be able to live to the fullest and explore the full potential, it is important that the environment, daily routines, habits are conducive to your growth.

Effortless Living is about creating a life where the environment supports this endeavour and the efforts and energy are optimised for activities that work to realise your potential. 

Effectiveness implies ease. We can live easy when living effortless. We should not intercede in the Heavenly Request. Indeed, non-interceding and tolerating demeanour is the lone west route for Easy LIVING.

Are Your Efforts Optimised To Focus On Activities That Help You Grow?

We're all after the fruits of hard work and wouldn't mind struggling to reach the apex point of the pyramid. In fact, from a very young age, all that was ever drilled into us was that to succeed one needs to persevere and struggle in other words if you need good grades, get a good job and live an easy life you must struggle for it. But if the struggle is occupied in handling the day to day living or caught up in the basics, growth is stifled. Hence the point is are you putting in your efforts on the right things and is there a way to make it effortless.

What Contributes To a Growth Environment?

We explore and observe the elements that are in our control and help us focus and grow. Like good health, mental well being and spaces that naturally create the atmosphere.

Your body, mind, home, nature, the world are all naturally meant to support your growth. Deriving benefits from all sources through all the senses like food, water, sleep, air, home, people, nature... every interaction affects our energy to perform at optimum levels.

It's like we strive to give a child the best environment for his/her development because we know what's important for their growth. Then how do we ensure we provide ourselves the best environment to do everything we desire. 

"A home makes space for its people to bloom"

A life designed to work in harmony with your purpose is what we aim for. Amongst all the aspects that affect individual growth, home is the nest that plays a big role to reenergise and prepare us everyday to live a wholesome life. A home gives safety, comfort, love, space and freedom to explore ourselves.

Our homes have evolved over time from living in the jungles, in tree houses, open spaces to today's closed walls. The benefits of nature in our growth have diminished steadily and we are torn away from reality that not only affects our overall well being but also creates a disconnected life.

How Do We Gain The Benefits Of Nature At Home, Effortlessly?

Small things sum up to make a big difference and living consciously is simple when we make the little decisions thoughtfully.

5 easy switches for adding nature to your life thoughtfully and Effortlessly:

1. Bamboo Toothbrush 



It's the first thing you connect with when you wake up. One decision that helps enjoy the natural texture and aesthetics with no added effort.

2. Wooden Comb



A daily routine that's done with little thought but gives instant energy. Enjoy the natural wood texture and the gentle massage on your scalp as often as you comb your hair.

3. Bamboo Cookware



The time in the kitchen can easily be elevated with a simple switch to Bamboo or Wooden Spoons & Spatulas. Not only functional, there is a wholesome feeling when you touch them and they have a pleasant natural sound that makes the entire experience pleasant overall.

4. Bamboo Snack baskets 



Make snacking easier with no need for washing, aesthetically pleasant to look at and hold and worry free from breaking, or creating loud unpleasant sounds from falling.

5. Bread/ Roti Basket


Bread and Rotis are the staples of all meals. A Lunch or dinner scene instantly gets warmer, feels cosy and welcoming when food is served in natural materials that connects it to the source. Feel more connected to each other and the meals in natural serveware.

Natural tones, textures aid the senses adding life and warmth to homes. The earthy tones and touch of nature help in calming the mind. Easing yourself from the mess and stress of the routines and energising to live a full life.

Making a home that not only caters to your basic needs but also enhances the quality of life should be effortless and means the most for us in the quest for Effortless living.


Natural interactions with nature in everyday life.

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