10 things you can do to reconnect with Nature this month

10 things you can do to reconnect with Nature this month

Hello June!

June fills in as Incredible Outside Month and furthermore is the public month for setting up camp, roses, and waterways. Since not everything about hotter climate is wonderful, in mid-June, school is out and nature has blasted into life. It seems like the sun won't ever set. It's a great opportunity to spend time with nature and reconnect with her.

10 things you can do to reconnect with Nature this Summer month?

1. Forage flowers & leaves

Go foraging in your locality or in your own little garden at home. Pick up the flowers and leaves that catch your attention and take them along in your basket. You're spending time with nature being bestowed with the lovely gifts she has to offer for us and our living space.

2. Add a plant to every bright corner in your home 

Invite more plant friends into your home, brighten every corner with something as easy as a pothos in a bottle or tiny bush plants and cactuses. Adding a little nature at every sunny spot and watching them grow feels like we are in nature and growing as well. It also has a calming effect on the mind and nurturing plants actually nurtures us.

3. Eat fresh fruits and salads

It's you, me and the world of green! Bring on the fruits- the juicy, sweet and yummy flavours of nature are a good way to start the day with. Like they say an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eating fresh raw fruits and salads is easy for digestion and their freshness translates into unbridled energy and a visible glow. 

4.Grow mint and other easy to grow veggies in your garden


Small scale in-house farming like planting mint, peppers, cilantro, rosemary etc are great bonding exercises to start off with when one thinks of reconnecting with nature. Getting your hands into the soil and watering the plants help you sow the seeds of a deeper connection with nature. Enjoying the fruits of your labour gives a sense of self sufficiency in harmony with nature.

5. Walk barefoot on grass

The sense of touch is a great feeling. Especially that big warm hug with nature. Walking barefoot on grass is not only a form of therapy but is also a way one can interconnect their senses with nature. The fresh feeling of grass beneath your feet is rejuvenating and relaxing to oneself.

6. Soak in the sunshine in an early morning walk or sit in your garden in the morning

Make the most of Summer. Start your day with a little sunbathing. Spend time in the sunshine, go for a stroll soak in the sunshine and feel the gentle breeze. Walk with nature as the warm sun trickles down with a refreshing feeling and a certain sense of comfort and warmth.

7. Monsoon Meditation

June welcomes the rainy days while the sun may be hidden for a while the weather is perfect for a nice session for a bit of yoga and meditation. While meditating connect your sense to the lovely sound of the raindrops and the earthy smell when dirt meets the droplets from the sky. A happy yet calm feeling as if in the middle of green lush rainforest. It's a deep cleanse we all crave.

8. Forest Bathing ritual at-home

Forest bathing is the act of taking in the forest atmosphere. A wonderful journey to align yourself with nature with a simple stroll meditation and other simple ways like implementing the use of natural material products at home. Read more in our blog forest bathing ritual at-home.

9. Get creative with nature

Get creative with nature decorate your house with flowers and leaves. Maintain a tiny nature book, a photo book, scrapbook or a book filled with pressed flowers and leaves. Create your own paperweights with resin and dried flowers and leaves. Make your own decor items with treated flowers. Add your own spark with a touch of nature.

10. Read books about nature.

Explore the world of nature. Read about her beauty and what she has to offer. Learn her ways through books written by various wonderful nature lovers. Connect with nature at every step and with every word.


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