6 gift ideas for Father's Day- Get the outdoor indoor!

6 gift ideas for Father's Day- Get the outdoor indoor!

“Dads are like chocolate chip cookies; they may have chips or be totally nutty, but they are sweet and make the world a better place.” – Hillary Lytle

Fathers are the strong pillars we lean on and look up to for strength, support and affection. They are the "Wise Willow" trees of our lives. They are selfless, upright and the ones who guide us through life as we grow.

Yes! They can be funny with their dad jokes and riddles at times but you know you can count on them when you need help. They don't ever let us down. If you're dad's little girl then you know that there's nobody as cool as dad and if you're dad's little champion then you know he's the only superhero to really exist in your world.

Father's day is celebrated in honour of Fatherhood and male parenting. It's a day to show our appreciation for the endless list of things they've done for us. As kids we'd often put together a card or a drawing with crayons filled with our love.

This year, with all the restrictions, lockdowns and everyone homebound, there is some serious missing of the outdoors. And, if your dad's the type restless at home, then it's only more the reason to add some nature in his space.

6 gift ideas for Father's Day- Get the outdoor indoor!

Here are six thoughtful gifting ideas for Father's Day, in appreciation of our beloved dads and getting some natural elements inside. We're sure he'll absolutely love the gesture.

1. Did you see our range of wooden flexi animals? It's new on the site! Go see this amazing collection of fun guys from the wild. A collectible, his work desk decor and a fidget.. did we tell you they move?

2. A basket hamper filled with his favourite drink? All this time with restrictions and at home. A good supply is love

3. Dad's love cake. period. A basket of cakes - simple, yummy and he's gonna smile not just with every bite but also just looking at that basket of cake. Promise

4. A gorgeous basket planter to put his favourite plant in and nurture it with all his heart - nurturing nature is nature nurturing. Yes read it again

5. A set of smooth, natural wooden combs. Grooming is care. He's gonna keep them forever

6. A pair of Bamboo toothbrush. The first thing he uses every morning, its simple, thoughtful and he can share with mum

Easy, functional and thoughtful gifts that reconnect with the outdoors. A beautiful reason to beautifully celebrate #fathersday


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