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How to take care of your Bamboo Kitchenware?

by Team DaisyLife

How to take care of your Bamboo Kitchenware?

We love our lucky bamboo! they feel great to touch they're cool, smooth, lightweight and don't heat up. Bamboo spoons also look good aesthetically pleasing to the eye instantly adding nature to the kitchen routines and they're eco friendly which means they cause no harm to the environment. Read more about the "Lucky bamboo".

Ways to care for bamboo ware.

So you've got bamboo kitchenware at home and wondering how best to take care of them? What are the Do's and Don'ts? How to clean them? How to wash? Soap, water is it ok? Can you put them in the dishwasher? How to dry them? Do they burn at high temperatures? Can it be put in the microwave? What happens when you leave it in the pan on the stove?

Here's a little guide we've put together for you!

How to care for bamboo bowls and serve ware?

When serving in these bowls we recommend that you line them with wax paper or a ceramic bowl which is preferred by most. For dry snacks and fruits, you can serve them directly i.e. as is.

After removing the wax sheet the basket will be dry and you can store back.

When used for dry snacks, you can turn them around and dust it off. They do not need to be washed after every use. If they are very dirty and you feel like they need a wash, a cold water rinse is good. Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Rinse with cold or room temperature water. Do not keep them soaked as if there is glue used, it will wear out
  • There is no need for soap 
  • Pat them until damp and leave them overnight to dry
  • Once dry store them in a cool, dry place 

Can you microwave bamboo kitchenware ?

No. Intense heat from the microwave dries natural fibers and can reduce their life.

How to care for bamboo spoons?

It is essential to take utmost care of wood-based spoons. Bamboo is one that falls in the category. They come with so many benefits which makes them perfect for kitchen use. Bamboo spoons are extremely sanitary and for it to remain that way good care is required. Follow the below steps while caring for bamboo spoons:-

How to wash or clean them?

  • Like our utensils, rinse your bamboo with warm water and use the scrubber/ scotch-brite to scrape off food particles.
  • Use a mild soap and clean scrub. Do not use a steel scrubber
  • Rinse well and pat them till dry
  • Leave in standing or on a dish cloth until it completely dries.
  • It is essential to keep the spoons in a dry airy place.
  • These are dishwasher safe and can be put into the dishwasher with other utensils on a regular cycle.

Do they burn if left in the pan?

  • Bamboo/ Wooden spoons when used for cooking are perfectly safe.
  • If left in the pan while cooking, they do not become hot.
  • At very high temperatures they might get burn marks and turn darker at the point of contact with the pan on the handles. This is ok and might happen over time if you cook often at high temperatures. However they will still be cool to hold immediately and do not burn or break.

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