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The 'Lucky Bamboo' Plant

by Tanvi Pinjarkar

Bamboo cultivation renewable and sustainable resource from Rural Eastern India

DaisyLife natural bamboo baskets range - "First bamboo" collection

Earlier when someone mentioned Bamboo, my visual imagination extended only till the small Feng-Shui : 'The Lucky Bamboo' plant, that we usually present to someone as a token of good omen.

Isn't that something we always came across in a cute gift shop? Perhaps that version of bamboo is more familiar to us city dwellers, than a tall, green, dense patch of bamboo trees. 

Back in school, I knew from my 5th grade general knowledge book, that bamboo is the tallest and fastest growing GRASS!

However, I had learnt it thoroughly till those class V summer exams and completely forgot about it later! 

Thanks to many emerging initiatives made by some wise people, of inculcating bamboo into our daily lives right from sanitary napkins to furniture, I happened to reintroduce myself to this miraculous element of nature through recent digital articles featuring innovative uses and properties of bamboo.

It was honestly quite intriguing, that a mere grass species is capable of everything from construction, to scaffolding, to providing rash free sanitary pads, to soft clothing, to kitchenware, musical instruments, and the coolest one I came across was - to make BEER! *drooool* 

Since I was once into the science stream in my junior college, I was interested in reading up keenly on knowing bamboo’s scientific facts too. Well the 1st stunning one was from the 5th grade GK book (remember?)

Coming to relatively more complex ones, here are five facts-

  1. Bamboo is said to produce 35% more oxygen than an average tree.
  2. It is the fastest growing grass, as fast as 3 feet in 24 hours, proving to be a quick go to renewable resource of raw material.
  3. It's lightweight, yet is three times stronger than timber.
  4. It has a significantly greater tensile strength (stretching pressure before breaking) than STEEL!
  5. And when produced as hemp, it has much lower carbon footprint impact as compared to other raw materials and especially synthetic yarns.

It can be considered as one of the most sustainable and renewable resources! Bamboo doesn’t need regular irrigation, and not much pesticides, as it is antibacterial by itself!

Honestly, a small excerpt is not enough to put across the properties bamboo actually has. All of these super powers are the reasons why it can easily be reborn in the form of lifestyle products like clothes, everyday kitchenware, sturdy and strong furniture etc.

At DaisyLife, we are all big time ‘Bamboo enthusiasts’!

We are extremely fond of our BAMBOO BASKETS; so much so that we eat our cupcake in a cute little bamboo basket  (its cute, really)! This is our most primitive and a close to heart product range that has literally traveled time of decades together. These are 100% handwoven from bamboo and look simply gorgeous.

They can be best put to use to declutter, enhance workplace and home decor, organize a space, can make for a lovely packaging for gifting, for storing or just to feel the calmness of bamboo around.

They are antibacterial, are quite strong, extremely lightweight, feel good to touch and easy to maintain. Quintessentially bamboo, isn’t’ it!?

These baskets are made from the Indian species of bamboo. Here in India, the climatic conditions of Northeastern and Eastern parts help produce the best bamboo or  ‘BAASH’ - as they locally denote it, in swathes of cultivation.

Our forests celebrate diversity too. In totality, there are 125 indigenous as well as exotic species of bamboo in India! 

To say the least, bamboo can be considered as THE FUTURE of resources! It is really a go to raw material considering the aspect of sustainability.

I personally haven’t come across so many beneficial properties from a single element of nature that has so much potential to build human existence. Can we already rename bamboo to ‘Captain Planet’ maybe!?  


Natural bamboo as captain planet - a renewable resource solution for sustainable living

We can gift the whole essence of Feng-Shui bamboo to ourselves, by innovations around bamboo, by an approach to include it in our routines and everyday modern lifestyle.

What could possibly be a better omen than our own generations living sustainably! 'Lucky Bamboo' indeed!


Bamboo is a sweet and simple element of nature. At DaisyLife, we are always surrounded by beautiful bamboo baskets.
We would love to share: tips on how to best maintain bamboo baskets!

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