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#RestoreOurEarth - Can we make a difference?

by Team DaisyLife

#RestoreOurEarth - Can we make a difference?


It's EARTH DAY, 22nd April 2021. 

​​This year we consciously decided to celebrate Earth Day. To register the efforts, to be more mindful as we move forward, to question and be aware of the wider impact we are creating.

We believe that nature should be a part of our everyday routines, EFFORTLESSLY.​

IT IS ABOUT CO-EXISTENCE of the cities, the progress, the modern pace, the trees, the seas and of mankind, altogether!


So what is Earth Day? What's the story behind Earth Day? What's so special about it? 

Earth day is an event that's celebrated every year all around the globe to show  support for environmental protection.


Did you know that the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, and now over 193 countries engage themselves in celebrating this event!



It all started decades before the celebration of first earth day, when there were huge amounts of energy and leaded gas consumption in America which lead to high levels of air pollution.

However, during this time the reflection of Air pollution upon the city was considered to be a sign of prosperity and for those days America continued to live without a shred of concern on how the polluted surrounding played an impact on their health.

One of the first 'Earth Day' rallies (Image Source : 

Change slowly began to sow its seeds when Rachel Carson published her book 'Silent Spring' in 1962. The book followed to be New York Times bestseller and continued to sell over 500,000 copies in 24 different countries. It filled its readers and those around with public awareness towards the surrounding environment and the toxic relationship between pollution and humans.

Later in 1969, the world witnessed the ravages of a huge oil spill that occurred in Santa Barbara, California followed by anti-student war protests on awareness about Air and Water pollution.

Santa Barbara oil spill, 1969 (Image Source:

This lead to the idea of campus teach-ins on ecological awareness that was proposed by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin to the national media and convinced Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey to serve as his co-chair.

A young student activist named Denis Hayes was then recruited to organize the teach-ins and the date 22nd April was chosen for the same to ensure the participation of students as it was in the middle of spring break and final exams.

                                              Denis Hayes (Image Source : 

The young Activist then set up a staff of 85 people, his efforts soon witnessed a break-through when people of different faiths and organizations began to support the change. The name was then changed to Earth Day.


The world then experienced different protests on oil spills, environmental conservation, air pollution awareness, etc.

In 1970, 22nd April was then recognized by the Country and various laws and Acts were passed concerning Earth Day. Later in 1990 Earth Day went global and soon lead to the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992.


This Year's Earth Day theme is
"Restore our earth".



The theme is to carry out the beautiful feat of bringing back mother nature to her wonderful and glorious state.

Mother nature once thrived with beautiful landscapes all around anywhere man would set his feet.

This year's Earth Day message is all about bringing back nature's beautiful scent of the flowers, the sound of the gentle brook, patching up our forests, and clearing up the sky from the dull grey of pollution. We definitely can't do it all in one day. We can start small today, continue and sow the seeds for a better life on this planet.


It is possible to RECLAIM NATURE.
It starts with something so small that it becomes effortless, accounting
to a great impact with time. The secret lies in your everydays...

We've always believed in that.

Today we're talking about how one can take the first step in restoring earth and help save the planet by changing small decisions and habits in our daily life so that every one can engage in celebrating earth day this year wherever one may be.

Natural Material Products and Restoring the Earth. 


Natural material products are great for not only our everyday life but for our surroundings as well. They're earth-friendly and provide balance to the environment. 

1.Good buddies for the soil

Natural material products are bio-degradable. Yep! you don't need to get rid of them in the trash and they're not waste. Bamboo-based products get decomposed easily. They take a few months to a year or two to be broken down into the soil. Even products made of different types of wood, shells, leaves, etc. can be decomposed. 


2.Consume less energy and give more

Products made from Wicker, fallen Wood, Cork Bark, Coconut Shells and other natural materials can be your best friends in helping to consume lesser of  non-renewable resources of energy. Given the current situation, we're all either working or studying from our homes and the energy levels being used aren't coming any lower.

Manufacturing and production of Natural Material Products hardly use non-renewable sources of energy. Items such as wicker & bamboo baskets, bamboo kitchenware, bamboo personal care products etc are largely handcrafted and the most amount of energy used in processing these Natural Material Products are far lower than the levels of processing steel or plastic. 

The cuttings of the source are either re-planted or used as fuel. Especially Bamboo, it is the fastest growing tree and can be replanted using its branches even with a bit of water.


3.Right fit with nature

These products are at peace... they are not at war with nature. They help maintain nature's balance. Most Natural Material Products are strong and sturdy. They're reusable, renewable, and recyclable which keeps them from harming mother nature, making them earth-friendly. The porous structure of plant-based products keeps hygroscopic balance with the environment.

Using Natural material products can help us restore the planet in many simple ways. Just a small change in our shopping lists can bring us a long way towards a healthy and happy earth. Its easy peasy, the products fit into the modern times, and it all comes from and belongs to nature... just like us!


Earth Day X DaisyLife

At DaisyLife, we are all about "All things natural". Our foundation is based on simple Natural Material Products and how these add value to life today and now it's the value they add beyond you and me.

Our products are nature-based and largely handmade and minimally processed, which means lower levels of energy consumption. 

Every day is Earth Day for us... something that we inherently feel... each day we are wholeheartedly exploring how to express the benefits of these materials, making space for these products to be functional in modern lives, easy to adopt in daily routines and thus increase interaction with nature invariably...

Because one cares more about what serves and exists in its immediate sphere... Do you think this will make people care more about nature? #RestoreOurEarth

You can engage yourself in celebrating earth day too!

  • Using simple bamboo hand fans wherever you can would definitely shorten the air conditioner bills. They ensure natural bamboo cooling and are super handy.
  • Everyday serveware, decor and storage made with natural handmade bamboo or wicker baskets. That would avoid a whole lot of plastic container buying that we usually tend to do.

  • Why plastic combs, when there are wooden combs ? And they're really good for your hair as well! (Read our Blog on Hair-Care with Wooden Combs to know more)

  • Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes to easily help the environment by reducing complex trash. Did you know? Over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown into landfills every year. A plastic-based product takes over 1000's of years to decompose while bamboo takes about 4 to 6 months in a simple home composting bin.
    (Read our blog on Decomposing of Bamboo Toothbrush in 3 easy steps)

Natural material products help the earth and our overall well-being. Changes in our daily decisions can bring on a huge ripple effect once we start to celebrate this miraculous place called Earth!

We are celebrating Earth today and everyday; and we'd love it even more to celebrate with you!

How are you celebrating Earth Day this year? 


Facts source:-
Earth Day :
Bamboo toothbrush :


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