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In the lap of Nature


A piece of art starts with a single dot. That very dot is the sole beginning of that creation, of a masterpiece. Much like a mother; synonymous with stupendous beginnings.

A Mother is a beginning... beginning of creation, a beginning to a new life into the world, a beginning to a journey anticipated by those around her. Be it in the sea, in jungles, in deserts, in civilizations and societies... motherhood is a masterstroke of stunning creations.

Every mother in the existence of nature, paves way for a new life's journey and keeps the wheels turning with her strength, her grace, with discipline, unconditional love, with her kindness and sheer compassion. 

Always by your side like a stronghold to lean on and yet the very foundation we stand on. She brought us into nature, she let us run into the open air and taught us to explore the world... just like Mother Nature herself. She's the artist and we, her masterpiece that takes on a life of itself...

She begins, she fuels, she is purity, she is power. Her spirit is what makes the world go round.

She is nature, nature is her

There's always an urge to keeping going back to her no matter where you climb. It's magical to unfold time with her, to unwind and to be alive. It feels like a part of our own being, where we belong, and where we began... in the lap of Nature.

To her energy, her zeal, and to being her own self.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to this fascinating entity.



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