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The Simple Childhood

by DaisyLife

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Ma, I want a doll. The one with the big eyes and long lashes which go up and down. Please ma... will you ask dad to get?

Mamuni is 6 years old and has never had a doll of her own... didn't matter till she saw her friend playing with one. She's not had any real toys yet and nor has she asked for any yet... she plays in the backyard... climbs trees, plays with the sticks, leaves, flowers, runs around, dances in the open to no music, has a stray cat she loves to cuddle, goes after the birds, finds nests and rescues abandoned bird eggs hoping to give them enough warmth from the lantern that the birdlings hatch.

Life is a lot of fun... till her next door friend Susie gets a doll and frilly socks and Mamuni likes them because they feel special. It takes 6 months for her to finally get a doll and frilly socks... she's happy but she cares a little less by now and forgets them after a couple of months.

She's friends with the wind, her hands and feet love the earth, her free time is spent responding to everything around her at home and outside.


With the new age learning formats when everyone is going digital and how, it's a whole lot of exposure to the world of internet and screens. It's accessible to almost one and all, especially in the urban scenario.

We are all trying to catch-up by providing our newest generation with the 'best' as we call it - the internet, the mobile, a laptop, kindle and the likes. But we wonder, are the kids losing onto the other part of life where we all actually belong? The mud, the sky, the birds, the water puddles...

Its only a few years back that all of us played some mud games, danced in puddles in the rain, starred at the trees while in a train to an aunt's place in summers, mimicked the koo-koo of the Koels and so much more... It's every now and then that we go into a memory bubble saying "Ah, those were the days!"

On that note, we are here with a range of simple, humble and beautiful BAMBOO VILLAGE KITCHEN SET  made from simple, raw bamboo cultivated in the north-eastern belts of India. Well no, they do not replace the internet, the world wide web is here to stay, at least for a long long while. They keep the simplicity of life real and create beautiful memories. 

They are here to be around kids while they sit on their homework and studies on the laptops, mobile phones, to constantly remind them what touching nature feels like, what it looks like, the warmth of it, to let their imagination spin beautiful stories and to inculcate the grounding energies of nature into them little by little, everyday...   

Childhood is all about play and for children everything is a toy. Building imagination, stories and completely immersing in play is the way to fully experience being a child.

Creating these experiences for your child are the fondest memories they'll remember and that's what we are after... Making the simple joyful memories for life when everything is magic... let's play :)


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