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Love DIYs? Check these out

by Tanvi Pinjarkar

Love DIYs? Check these out

It is so much fun to see our Instagram family do these amazing DIYs and we are totally floored with the talent, creativity and passion we see!

The bamboo mesh came online because of you and we were only happy to oblige... more excited to see how you would use it and well it was wonderland! There were lamp shades, tree skirts, coasters, wall frames, trays, props... the mesh is versatile and people are creative AF!

We agree, DIYs are fun... a good channel for the creative energy bubbling in the right brain. It allows us to give a personal touch, to channelize our creative ideas, develop a personal style/taste, and is flexible on the budget as well.

This holiday season with Christmas and New Year approaching, inspired by everyone, we indulged in some DIYs the DaisyLife style! (Did you see our Christmas Tree Baskets?)

Here are the cones we made with the BAMBOO MESH and used it for pretty table settings - it is a favorite!

A string of pearls wrapped around the cone immediately added a festive sparkle. We also kept some bare as a table candle light prop. 


It looked absolutely dreamy, festive and just right for a christmas/new year celebration table... A classy, simple and interesting table prop giving us the holiday season feels. 


This was @trumatter and her beautiful Bamboo Mesh DIY as a Lamp Shade. We literally wanna go into the picture!


Here's @thatyellowtrunk doing so many beautiful DIYs with Bamboo Mesh


A simple yet stunning Bamboo Mesh Tree Skirt

A Candle Jar for table settings  

 A beautiful bamboo mesh frame  

Here's a minimal yet stunning DIY wall plate for her gallery wall made out of the natural and bare bamboo mesh by @cozyyylilcorner

Wall installation plate



Do you want to make something with this? Buy here to explore your creativity.



Connect with our favourite, super cool DIYers for more inspiration:

@trumatter  |  @thatyellowtrunk  |  @cozyyylilcorner


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