6 Ways to Use a Picnic Basket

6 Ways to Use a Picnic Basket

A picnic basket is used to store snacks drinks and all the silverware and other things you'd need while preparing for your perfect getaway. This basket has more than one use... It's a multifunctional household item that can be used by anyone!

Listed below are 6 ways you can use a picnic basket!

1.The classic getaway basket



For one we have the prime purpose for which the basket was woven! You can use this basket not to only store food items but also books, mats accessories you'd like to take along with you. The prime function was determined so that the picnic basket was able to store a decent meal along with the tableware required when on a picnic at a far and beautiful location. Providing a meal you'd enjoy at home even when you're outside. desserts and drinks were not an exception. Heavy duty weaving, this can carry weight easily and can be carried easily!

2.A décor piece

When not at a picnic basket also can be used as a decor piece paired with a little bit of flora or laced cloth the basket is fit for home decor. You can place it beside a couch or on the patio. This decor piece blends in anywhere yet catching attention wherever it may be. Flowers, creepers and fairy lights peeking from the sides of the basket do seem to be noticed most often and are a fond reminder of all outdoor adventures.

3.Toy storage basket



If you have kids or have spent enough time around you probably have noticed how children love to take their favourite toys with them everywhere. Almost as if they're going on adventures together. This leads to the hassle of carrying a bunch of toys everywhere. The picnic basket can easily fix this hassle whether at home or on a trip carry your loved ones toys in this basket. Make their adventures a memorable one and wave farewell to the storage hassles.

4.Your Foraging companion



Do you love Foraging? Are you a person who loves to spend time with nature among the green lush plant life and the dirt of soil picking fresh vegetables, flowers and other plant life? The picnic basket could be your perfect companion on those trips! Unlike plastic or cloth bags where the uncertainty of damage lies, The basket is much convenient due to the basket's box-like structure, the picked fruits and flowers will remain in the same condition as when they were picked.

5.The keeper of vegetable

Do you often have trouble storing huge veggies or bulk of onion's, potatoes etc. A picnic basket is an easy peasy fix for that! it not only keeps the kitchen area more neat and clean but is easy to access, talk about smart hacks... It also provides the proper care required the vegetables won't go musty or rot as the basket's weaves allow air to pass through. Smart organizing while the kitchen still looks pleasing to work in.

6.The Pet basket



The picnic basket also is a perfect pet carrier. The warm wicker provides a sense of comfort. The gaps between the weaves also provides air ventilation so the basket is also breathable. The basket is ideal for small sized dogs and cats. Wicker is also good as it is all natural and you don't have to worry about comfort while carrying your pet around. 


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